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  1. TheTallMan

    A suggestion edit to my current Vampsmith build

    @Spankerman Very much appreciated for your input brother. I changed one of my poodles (HoB) to an infrit HoB. PS: With respect to yours and my name styles in context, we can start our own version of avengers now can't we? @Ghaspar Hey man! Thank you very much for your reply. You're very right and logical about the boredom part, I do get bored on mainstream maps and although more zeny yielding, i tried Geffenia for a bit and i did get to 1.8-2.2m / hour, BUT I WAS Soooooo Bored!! I shall right away go the 3 maps you suggested. It was very kind of you to offer forth your secret farming spots. Much appreciated.
  2. TheTallMan

    A suggestion edit to my current Vampsmith build

    @howrah Much appreciated for your reply brother. Any advice on the ifrit card above one of the hell poodles? IFRIT: ATK & HIT + (JobLvl / 5). = This would be 13.6+ ATK and HIT and eventually at job 70 (currently i am at 68), Ill reach 14 of both.CRIT + (JobLvl / 10). = This would be 6+ CRIT as of now and 7+ when i hit job 70.
  3. TheTallMan

    A suggestion edit to my current Vampsmith build

    @munchiekunn123 Thank you for your reply. 1. The Diablo [HP] isn't gonna be usefull for me because i swap between Mobbing+Soul ring and Killing+Rideword. 2. Evil druid Armor holder cannot be healed, but they can be buffed pretty much with everything, they just cant be healed. 3. The STR multiples of 10, i had no idea about. Thank you! Also the vit, why hold at 90 when i can make it 99? (Just asking). 4. The HIT fundamental is correct, but i've tried it in geffenia and i was hitting pretty much decently with my current spec. But ofcourse the cursed hand gives me 10 Hit so if i am planning to change it to Diablo Ring, I'll loose 10 hit, I'll invest my points on the base DEX and make it at 35. Thank you for pointing that out.
  4. TheTallMan

    A suggestion edit to my current Vampsmith build

    @kolela Thanks for your reply mate. Fire RSX 100 is something that i need to have only and when i deal with magma dungeon and all. I plan to do it in geffenia and why would people have a problem if i mob there? Isnt that just the class difference? If i mob there and kill, thats just the basic smith advantage right?
  5. Greetings to one and all, Firstly, i am fairly new to the server (7-9 weeks overall gameplay) - Very positive server, loving the ambiance and I can see myself spending time here. Alright, on to the point now. I've always been a Merchant class lover, back in the days where Geffenia wasn't a thing, PureHitsmiths and Vitsmiths used to rule the "raw loot zeny department". But now that Geffenia is by far one of top rated highest raw loot in terms of zeny per hour (unless you could share your secret to me, xD), I am aspiring for a geffenia based vampsmith. Hence, these are my Vampsmith Start-up assets (went through Lezark's guide) : Upper Head: +4 [Vanberk] Rideword hat and +4 Soul Ring. Middle Head: [Vanberk] Sigrun's Wings Lower Head; Blood Sucker Body: +7 [Evil Druid] Silk Robe Main Hand: +8 [Dopple-Baphomet-Sniper-Sniper] Orcish Axe Off Hand: +4 [Hodremlin] Thorn Shield Garment: +4 [Devilling] Diablo Manteau Footwear: +7 [Eddga] Boots Accessory 1: [Hell Poodle] Cursed Hand Accessory 2: [Hell Poodle] Horn of the Buffalo. 98/67 Level Whitesmith. - Currently Farming in Niff @ 1.8 - 2m/ hour. Str= 97+12. Agi= 1+9. Vit= 99+6 Int= 1+7. Dex= 25+11. Luk= 1+8.. What I am planning to do is (all suggestions/critics and comments regarding this would be appreciated) is to alter few of these to an alternative, such as: Body: +4 [Bathory] or [Evil Druid] or [Gloom Under Night] Diablo Armor. - for the good HP+ and the combo advantage with Diablo Boots. Footwear: +4 [Eddga] Diablo Boots. Accessory 1: [Ifrit] Diablo Ring. - I was always a crazy meat spammer, I dont actually need 2 Hell Poodles as much. Its a luxury for me to have either ones. My reason for this post is, would the Edits i have in my mind be any sort of an upgrade to my Smith? or would it be a waste? Diablo Sets intrigue me a lot , for my Smith since it has very good HP increase specs and the Hell poodle? like i said, it wouldnt matter to me as such if i am earning 3-4m in geffenia to spend 100% more on meats which is hardly 38z a piece. Thank you in advance.