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  1. mkf

    Draw The Character Above You!

  2. Hello! Most of you don't know me, but I am having a mega sale! Prices use in-game currency : COLOUR * Face - 500,000 z * Bust - 750,000 z * Full Body - 1 mil z * Chibi - 85,000 z INKED * Face - 300,000 z * Bust - 550,000 z * Full Body - 800,000 z * Chibi - 65,000 z EXTRAS This includes any extra Characters, Backgrounds, Equipment, Pets (both colour or ink) - Background - 350,000 z - Characters - 275,000 z - Equipment - 50,000 z - Pets - 25,000 z CUSTOM ORDERS ARE AVAILABLE! Example - Your pets only or even mobs instead Examples Attached
  3. My world is filled with Shapes tho, but to each their own
  4. mkf

    No Clue What To Do... Help?? {SOLVED}

    That's true, I'll re-edit that in. That one is important for sure! There's one last step tho I also forgot :) Thank you!
  5. mkf

    !autotrade command crashing client

    well holy shitballs, I had no idea! Thanks! Thank you, that link is helpful! appreciate it!
  6. Merchant, set myself up via the Vending Officer, Set my prices, Open shop and then input !autotrade to get everything going aaaaaaaaand SQUAT - Client crashes immediately and I am thrown out to my saved spot. This is a bit annoying. What can I do differently?
  7. Good day players, I have never had the pleasure of making a merchant before, so this class is entirely new to me... but I'm having some issues... I read online that I can only vend my items once they have been drag and dropped into my rented pushcart, here's my issue... I have tried multiple times to drop my items into my pushcart like I have read online to do but, it simply drops this sh*t on the floor!! I'm getting a bit fed up here, as the whole reason I made this toon is for profit, and apparently can't even do that. Yes, I have that !nodrops command enabled or whatever it is... I'm just simply stuck on the dumbness of a simple drag and drop that I can't seem to do. Honestly, WITFF am I doing wrong?? EDIT: Nevermind, at no point in time did anyone mention having to open the cart inventory separately by ALT+W for "View Cart" - Honestly, these helpful threads thesedays... ugh IF ANYONE IS AS CONFUSED AS I WAS, Here is what you need to do : 1. View Cart (opens the inventory hold ALT and press W) 2. Drag your stuff in from your main inventory. 3. Go rent a spot from the Vending Officer 4. Use skill Vending and go nuts on dropping from the cart to the shop window. 5. Double check your prices, finalize your shop. 6. Type in either @autotrade or !autotrade in the chat window (I was told by the system message to use the exclamation mark) 7. Make your zeny! 8. DON'T FLIP OUT WHEN YOUR CLIENT CLOSES - it does so on purpose and keeps your merchant active while offline. * THE DOWNSIDE is that you cannot use that specific account while your shop is active.
  8. That's really cute! I'm not good with digital either, for some reason it just doesn't work out for me as it would in a tradish way. I think it may be more about control, the way the strokes look and whatnot... Not sure, anyway - here's a super old grey sketch of a Sage from long long ago.
  9. mkf

    Been A VERY Long Time

    Hello Everyone, As the title suggests, it has been a very long time since I played RO. I'm hoping to get back into it for leisure and meet some friendly people along the way. All the best to yas! ~M