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  1. CatMuto

    Any oldschool players?

    I recall playing this game back when First Classes were the only jobs around!
  2. CatMuto

    Not Too Sure About Order Of Stat Importance

    If you were new, how did you get a Myst Case Hat so fast?
  3. CatMuto

    Not Too Sure About Order Of Stat Importance

    I don't go to Wolves immediately. With the Eden Equipment Quest stuff, I generally head for Wolves around... eh, let's say late 30-early 40 levels. And then I don't stay there for very long, as they give good EXP easily enough (and meat heals me fast enough that, even if they swarm me, I can survive just fine) and drop Strawberries. It's around level 50/55 when I start running out of ideas. I know I said I'd make her a Black/Whitesmith, but I am wondering if I should make an Alch, after all. Both sound fun enough; I'll look at the Alch skills. One thing, though, if I have an Alch with a Hommunculus and I do vending with autotrade, would I have to worry about it losing hunger? For mercenaries, I read you should get a certain MercAI setting, but I think the last time I tried to get it, the download link didn't work anymore.
  4. CatMuto

    Been a long time.

    Welcome! I was on such high-rate servers myself. Definitely fun to feel the power and access to many things easily, but it does get a bit boring, doesn't it?
  5. CatMuto

    Veteran Returning To The Days Of Old

    Thanks for the greetings. So far, I am hoping I am doing okay with things. I still need to look up a lot of stuff on the databases, especially where a monster may spawn, but information is abundant. And the main chat is always willing to answer questions. Now if only I could decide on a class... though I might 'have' to decide to do a cross-trans for at least one character, given how difficult leveling can be for some, it seems. (Especially if one doesn't have luck with gear drops or the millions of zeny to buy them )
  6. CatMuto

    Not Too Sure About Order Of Stat Importance

    I don't really go for 'pro ways'. I'm a solo-player first and foremost, and never liked the idea of having two accounts.
  7. CatMuto

    Not Too Sure About Order Of Stat Importance

    Well, I'm aiming for Dokebis right now. But things kill my character pretty easily. I go in with hundreds of meats, and I burn through them pretty easily.
  8. CatMuto

    Not Too Sure About Order Of Stat Importance

    Yeah, I read cart revolution is basically your best way to level-grind as a Merchant. She's Level 45 right now and, going from starter parameters, I have 10 AGI, 35 DEX and the rest put into STR (57+2, to be exact) right now. I do have the cart full of 7000 Flowers + some items I'd like to have her vend. Cart Revolution doesn't seem to be doing that much damage right now, but that's not that important against Wolves; I can survive them, even if they gang up on her. I also did a pit-stop at Einboch to get the Kindle and Jujube Dagger, in case I want elemental damage help. I'm also trying to get the Bronze Coins together and try to remember to grab the Two-Handed Axe from the Rental guy.
  9. CatMuto

    Not Too Sure About Order Of Stat Importance

    I had a Level 42 Merchant and she couldn't even kill one Orc Lady. And that was with using the Stat Reset Lady to alter my kinda-all-over-the-place parameters to focus more on STR, and DEX to 40. I think I put the rest into VIT at the time. (One reason I tended to stay away from Swordsman or Merchant classes; they seem to need parameters in various parts. I find Archers and Mages simpler, as you focus on 2 parameters at the most.) In terms of Cards good for equipment, is the Soldier Skeleton any good? I know it adds %-crit-damage, but is it worthwhile for a Merchant or would it be better to sell it off? For Equipment, I mostly rely on Eden because I currently don't have anyone good enough to really farm for things. (I have a Lvl 75 Archer class; I heard they are good for farming in talonRO, but she's not good enough to farm for the really big things yet.) I do need to get myself to use the Rental Master more, I keep forgetting it exists in this game...
  10. I want to make a Merchant and likely go the Blacksmith route. I keep reading guides on suggestions and builds and most of them list stuff like 30-40 DEX as the maximum. But the other parameters, I look at them and am not sure what my priority should be. I know that STR is the most important because it determines your strength for hitting and weight capacity, but what would be the point of having a lot of STR if I don't have the DEX to actually hit anything...? Should I focus on getting DEX up first, to ensure I can hit things? Or focus on STR, and left over points for each level up go into DEX? When to focus on things like VIT or AGI? Similar problem there, if I can hit things it's great, but if I can't hit fast enough or survive hits enough... I am using Meat as the go-to healing item because of the price-and-weight advantage.
  11. CatMuto

    Veteran Returning To The Days Of Old

    Yeah, I've already looked up some build guides. I recall I had a HW in Renewal with a no-cast-interruption card on her armor, so I am really spoiled when it comes to magic. But I'm focusing on a Whitesmith (or Alchemist, not sure yet) first, then an Archer. Especially since, if I recall right, Archers are some of the 'easier' classes to play and level up.
  12. I've been playing RO since it was basically available in Europe, taking breaks off and on. And with iRO now being unavailable in majority of European countries, I have been looking for (preferably low-rates) Servers. I'm still mostly used to Renewal, so I will have to re-acquaint myself with how things were... years ago, I suppose. Back to a time when I was, actually, very dumb about this game and didn't know how to do decent builds. (Not that I know any for Renewal, either)