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  1. I'm thinking of making a Taekwon class as one of my characters. Most likely 'side' character, not a main one. (That would be my Hunter, for now) I've looked them up and they do seem fun; I recall playing them a bit in iRO, but never got far with them. I read that SGs are great for damage and, when properly geared and with good parameters, can even solo a ton of stuff themselves. But I have also read that the class can be difficult to play if they don't have proper gear... which could be expensive. I'm even still torn if I would do a Soul Linker or Star Gladiator, if I make such a character. I would like an SL, but it seems they are mostly seen as 'Endow/Elemental Weapon Slaves' to level other characters, or aren't that great for solo-ing bigger things. But that would be a question for later. Looking it up, I read that a simple gear for SG would be the pantie + undershirt combo. I have an extra undershirt in my storage, and could farm Pasana enough to get a pantie drop from them. (First time I fought Pasanas without meaning to farm, the first one I defeated dropped a pantie... lucky!) But beyond those, what would be a simple gear build? I know that Lord Kaho Horns are the best thing to get... but those take a long time to get; be it through TC or even going through the quest... and are insanely expensive on the player market.