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    Star Gladiator Demon skill issue?

    Zooming out makes it weird, but I can indeed see the buffs! Thanks for the input! It seems like I can either avoid the shaking by zooming in or see the buffs by zooming out.. Can't get the best of both worlds 😛
  2. Hello everyone! I've started playing on TalonRO recently and am currently playing an agi kicker Star Gladiator. As I reached lvl job 50 I decided to max out Demon for the aspd bonus and as you probably already know it comes with some sort of blind status. I'm not sure if this is a normal thing since I haven't played this class before, but the "blind status screen" (by that I mean the black screen around the character) keeps shaking left or right depending on which direction I'm going towards. Also, I can't see any of the buffs on the right side of my screen. I assume this is some animation bug or something? Nevertheless, I find it to be very disturbing for gameplay. Is there any possibility that could be reviewed or should I just give up on the skill altogether? Thank you for your time!