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    The TalonRO PvM Tier List

    For me, this is my fun. Kaahi is pretty great, no doubt, but it's still just a heal if an incredibly powerful one. On the other hand, it can't farm better than any other class on any monster, and its solo viability otherwise is not even a consideration. It's probably still low though. Professor is in a similar boat as SL with Magnetic Earth. The ranking of LK, Champion, and WS was particularly hard for us. I'm hoping with more discussion a consensus can be reached on these guys. Possibly. Group-based activities take precedent in our list but they don't guarantee high ranking. That said, I'm still confident in the overall accuracy of the rankings of the classes' kits. No. A framework is needed; an initial list is necessary for discussion to occur. If you have issues with specific rankings, present them. Those issues will lead to discussions about the value of each kit and the various weights of each activity and gear requirement. Those discussions will lead to more accuracy. Do you think our SinX ranking is accurate? Also math is important you really shouldn't be so mean to it.
  2. Virtueslol

    The TalonRO PvM Tier List

  3. Virtueslol

    The TalonRO PvM Tier List

    Creator is a class like you describe, and it's A tier. Really, it comes down to "does this class have a good kit" and we considered all viable methods of acquiring loot in that decision. I think if you step back consider properties like mathematical power, uniqueness, and versatility you'll be able to make your own list like ours. Then we can compare.
  4. Virtueslol

    The TalonRO PvM Tier List

    Summing up PvM in a single list might not be easy, but the result is valuable. Looking at my list in just its extremes could help inform a person rolling their next character. Roll a sniper not a ninja. Easy. If I can account for all aspects of PvM you can too. After all, the end result is loot no matter how you slice it.
  5. Virtueslol

    The TalonRO PvM Tier List

    -SS- Sniper -S- High Priest, Assassin Cross, High Wizard -A- Creator, Paladin, Lord Knight -B- Champion, Whitesmith, Stalker, Gypsy/Clown -C- Star Gladiator, Professor, Super Novice -D- Soul Linker, Gunslinger, Ninja Values and I made this list considering the overall usefulness of each class in PvM with a focus mainly on MVPs, but we also considered their ability to farm maps for good zeny per hour and the cost of gear required. We consider balanced to be around A/B tier, with LK being the center. What do you guys think?