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  1. elijahsp

    Mavka Stalkers

    4m is impossible on mavka especially with an auto attack build. Even 3m is hardly believable.
  2. All your damaging skills are str based by the way even magnum break so don't put points in int.
  3. elijahsp

    Sinx Transformer :)

    @My Wife for Hire
  4. elijahsp

    TalonRO's Calculator Project

    Feature for multiple monsters for flee/def decrease already exists, I pointed it some posts above.
  5. elijahsp

    Valk dispell proc chance

    Does valk card proc on heat? Or you will auto attack?
  6. elijahsp

    Making a abby paladin leecher 2 billion budget

    Maybe that gc increase damage. The rest probably don't matter as the guide creator himself wasn't even using aegis.
  7. Yes it actually works that way you are thinking. Same with dex and cast reduction.
  8. elijahsp

    [FACT CHECK] Does 2 Vanberk cards stack together?

    I think there's a topic here in forum somewhere that says it doesn't stack.
  9. elijahsp

    Acid Demo Mechanics

    Not really related to the topic anymore but curse rarely happens in BG. There are BG green potions for silence. As for bleeding, not really much can be done but it doesn't drain much hp anyway.
  10. elijahsp

    Acid Demo Mechanics

    You will get 1-2 shot with 100 vit. Tried it myself.
  11. elijahsp

    Newbie need help

    Falcon muffler+odin blessing combo includes fricco shoes. And since you have gec sandals already it's not a good idea to use that combo.
  12. elijahsp

    Ghostdancer Soul Link Question

    Gives the buff to the target.
  13. elijahsp

    Pure Anti-demon/Undead Crusader

    It's in the 1st page of this subforum.