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  1. elijahsp

    Drobe+Duo Expert Rings?

    Meteor storm is to unreliable for spam unless you are targetting a large area of earth mobs. And even then it's not really that great without the unnerfed bragi. Also storm gust outdps fire bolt on all earth property bosses unless you have imp carded expert rings and go full with your acd reduction build.
  2. Almost 4k posts and pretty much everything is from here.
  3. elijahsp

    Comment About The Person Above You

    Someone who posted on the wrong thread.
  4. elijahsp

    Special Teddy Bears ?

    Why is monster level so much of an issue to you?
  5. elijahsp

    Phantasm Art Raffle ⯌⯌ Ended!

    Gonryun Because some old friends used to stay there and stayed because good bgm.
  6. elijahsp

    TalonRO's Calculator Project

    No need to repeat what I said just above you.
  7. The post containing that is gone now.
  8. elijahsp

    TalonRO's Calculator Project

    Requesting to add malangdo rental items too.
  9. elijahsp

    Assassin vs Rogue cheap farmer

  10. elijahsp

    Chat box issue

    Try pressing alt+i and some menu will pop up. Uncheck them and your direct messages will appear instead on your main message window on the lower portion of the screen.
  11. elijahsp

    Autocaster/Melee/ Battle Professor Survivability

    Try to find an overupped book of the dead, maybe +7 or something like that, since it will give more aspd.
  12. elijahsp

    Autocaster/Melee/ Battle Professor Survivability

    First of all, the thread is for an autocast build prof. Why suggest do something else? If we are looking for efficient leveling then DG leech is the way to go but that isn't the point of playing. Ice dungeon is quite safe but really slow. Thor gives better exp with more risk but at least you won't get killed in 1 shot by sword guardians with alice, asaump and energy coat. Just be quick with fly wings. I won't recommend abbey as it is too deep to be bringing your buffers. It's worth investing in the armors as they have quite good use in general. As for weapon, that depends if you really like an autocast prof. Maya shield is optional. Just don't mob.