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  1. Got new emotes🤔. I wish we get blobs though.
  2. elijahsp

    About GTB card's blockable skills

    GTB even blocks doctor npc's sp heal
  3. elijahsp

    Assassin Double Attack Equip Questions

    Tooltip is misleading. Sidewinder works the same as baby chick.
  4. elijahsp

    "Big" MVPs Killing Guide

    There is no way. As said in the guide just regroup and repeat.
  5. Go die instead of teleporting to base for heals.
  6. Do you guys even play this game?
  7. elijahsp

    About GTB card's blockable skills

    Land protector will only prevent area magic. Hell's judgement is physical so it won't be blocked.
  8. Why ask for help on other servers from here?
  9. elijahsp

    High INT for Frost Diver needed? [HELP]

    Getting higher int will not make make your chance to freeze higher. It will just make sure that your skill hits then you will have a chance to freeze.
  10. elijahsp

    High INT for Frost Diver needed? [HELP]

    What kind of effectiveness? Damage or freeze chance? As for freeze chance, it is reduced by enemy mdef. Not sure if wearing mdef reducing gears like vesper or hw carded headgear works.
  11. Hey it wasn't even half a day since your last post.
  12. elijahsp

    Cheap solo MvP char

    Bio is the cheapest to gear actually. Just get whatever int items you have and throw your ADs before they reach you. Low tier mvps usually die in like 5 shots or even less. Champ is the best since you can 1-2 shot low tier mvps with proper gears.
  13. Why would you cover everything except the name? Why would you not cover it properly too if you are going to do it?
  14. elijahsp

    Rogue Farming

    I did some research just now and realized that keeping that maybe garment is also a good choice 🤔. You may want to choose between getting more dodge or just keep that eden garment for the lesser flee but added resistance. Just get more base levels to have more stat points.