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  1. Account bound costumes

    As I said there are no 3rd jobs. And this is not the place to ask about that.
  2. Account bound costumes

    Not sure what you mean by that. If you are asking about the 3rd job then no.
  3. Going holy armor in a shadow infested map is suicide. You need gtb to block backlash damage and dark soul strikes and all other undead/shadow attacks and skills.
  4. Unslotting question

    Not being careful with carding is stupid.
  5. DTTT Composite bow or Eleven Bow T?

    If you are lazy to endow and have money to spend on something you might not be able to resell then composite bow.
  6. Geffenia farming Kafra storage

    Yes it is needed. It was added earlier this year.
  7. Best Spiral Pierce Spear for Mavka

    No. ACD different from cast time.
  8. Need help with leveling

    Refer here: https://forum.talonro.com/forum/64-swordman/ Also this section is "I will guide you" not "Guide me pls" as can be seen in the description: Write and discover new guides on some of TalonRO's most asked about topics, quests, and events.
  9. Who's that POKEMON?

    The font color is almost unreadable
  10. SG in abbey

    Reflect will be your best friend.
  11. Newbie Rogue items & Other Questions

    Don't go valk shield. If you are on a tight budget rogue, go stone buckler, thorn shield if you have horn of buffalo or nothing at all. Even thorn-horn combo isn't something universal.
  12. You are hired to overhaul ragnarok!

    ^With those ideas you are going to send away majority of the player base. Less players=less interaction.
  13. Best Gear for Super Novice?

    RMS has also a feature to search cards by prefix/suffix except the customs here(garm,kiel etc).
  14. YES OR NO´T

    This place is for server suggestions. You can ask those questions in class discussions.
  15. Stalker with lvl 10 waterball

    Deluge slave. Maybe you can try water ball level 10 on the source itself.