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  1. Server Time=Filipino Time?

    Isn't it GMT +1 but with DST so it becomes +2.
  2. Crit Sniper VS DS Sniper

    High def/flee targets.
  3. About slotting Angra Mantis card into Valkyrie helm[1]

    I only see this working for sinx but is a real luxury.
  4. Proc chance is really small though, like 2% chance.
  5. Priest starting gears

    Other accessory should be sting rosary not sting gloves when you are using spiritual ring and divine cross.
  6. Mavka farming

    Probably didn't watch properly.
  7. Gift Box bugged!

    Is this a plot to increase santa poring card price?
  8. A slotted Kaho would be nice

    The slot on valk helm is its only advantage against kaho horns. The stats that kaho gives are much more useful and versatile as compared to a valk helm.
  9. Checking items you vend through forum account

    You can sort of do that by checking on selling shops and entering your vendor's name and see which items are left.
  10. Lvling tips and build for assassin

    Panty+undershirt is the best you can get for auto attack. Once you trans, you an switch to dragon mnteau+vest for the slots. For accessories, just get whatever you can.
  11. Guide: SINX:How to earn 4.5m+/hr in Geffenia

    Don't forget store all from bonus bundle. Saves a lot of time and energy.
  12. I can't reassign my skills

    You haven't used up all the skill points for the first job. Since you are job level 20, you must have 19 left before you can assign for your 2nd job skills.
  13. Priest starting gears

    You get 8 dex from those accessories themselves. Just eat food to make up for the lacking stats.
  14. Finally a cat free place in Talonro.
  15. Why YOU Love Ragnarok Online

    Why do I even play this decades old game that is already left out by other modern games with better gameplay and graphics? Well I'll think about it after I finish farming for 437575736 hours to get those costumes.