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  1. elijahsp

    Fire Armor when do you need it?

    Ktullanux. You put your gloom in sniping suit.
  2. elijahsp

    Marc in what armor ?

    Elemental armors are quite heavy so depending on your build you may want to limit the number.
  3. elijahsp

    The Book Slapper Guide! (Professor Hindsight)

    Yeah right. Ifrit's totally gonna die with that method.
  4. elijahsp

    The Book Slapper Guide! (Professor Hindsight)

    Drake is used for waterball since it can outdamage cold bolt without siromas in case you can't go in for attacks.
  5. elijahsp

    Marc in what armor ?

    If you got money sure it's good to put on a dex enchanted wind armor. Otherwise a plain one is good enough. If you got weight issues, silk robe can do or formal suit if you want something for all classes.
  6. elijahsp

    About Rollback Character on Reward Guru

    Base level is kept. Job levels back to 1.
  7. This is good then I guess.
  8. elijahsp

    Weapon Refine Skill Success Rate Question

    1st one Additional 0.5% not 0.05%.
  9. elijahsp

    Switching gear during SG

    The staff swapping thread is taking into consideration mdef piercing not matk change. Your storm gust will be based on your initial matk but damage may change if you gain or lose mdef piercing. Additionally, I based the assumption that storm gust takes into consideration the initial matk based on experience with kasas. Kasas die with one amp sg but not without. It's not like the first blast is the only one that is boosted. Edit: apparently amp works differently. Did some testing casting storm gust naked and wearing gears in the middle of the blasts, the damage did increase.
  10. elijahsp

    poring pet!

    Pets don't pickup items.
  11. elijahsp