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  1. Newbie need help

    Bow rogue is close combat.
  2. Rogue to Stalker Build

    If you have stayed in this forum for so many years and saw the same questions wanting the same answers with the same attitude you would understand.
  3. HELP 190 ASPD

    Attention concentrate?
  4. Guide: SINX:How to earn 4.5m+/hr in Geffenia

    Instead of making an LK, use your sinx to farm sleepers. Buy a vvs fire damascus (about 1m maybe) and put it in your right hand then ice pick on left hand. Then use meteor assault to mob.
  5. how to have Bowlingbash

    You need to have the skill "Plagiarism". Then get hit by bowling bash in pvp or go to morroc for the plagiarism npc.
  6. Left Hand

    It's probably the same with bapho. You don't just splash with your left hand but both.
  7. Weapons for AD

    I used a Haedonggum with 2 Andre larva cards. This is probably the cheapest yet effective option. Also doppel card will not reduce after cast delay but it is good if you already have after cast reductions.
  8. How to one shot necromancer?

    Even with stone skin considered talon calc is still inaccurate. It shows lower damage than the actual ingame numbers for storm gust.
  9. Ano ang RO story mo?

    Etong si ngards ang patunay na di lahat ng adik ay rapist.
  10. Pure Anti-demon/Undead Crusader

    If you have money for toad, might as well go golden thief bug.
  11. How to one shot necromancer?

    You just need 140 int and you will 1 shot them most of the time.
  12. Priest help

    You need to be really geared to be able to do that.
  13. Newbie need help

    There is this command called @autotrade where after you setup your shop, you type that, client closes and your merchant will vend those items for 24(?) hours or until all items get sold.
  14. Newbie need help

    Yes you need to make another game account here https://panel.talonro.com/management/#register . Many people have a separate account just for vending.
  15. Newbie need help