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  1. ^Ooh sneak peek at the secret. Although there are not really much WS users anyway. The thing about Jupe farming is that if you mess up, it is really discouraging to reclimb.
  2. This guide is for those who can create newer characters. Of you are just starting out, you can stay with geo.
  3. high priest

    If you want to increase your heals, try Diablos ring[sting]. Get dex armors for a start or you can settle with none/anything you have. Def is just for those not troubled with stats. Silk robe is good since it is lightweight and also usable by HW. Celeb rings will be great additions. Stay with your weapon or go with +4 DTS. An all purpose armor for HP would probably be Lucius armor[rsx]. Getting a dex enchanted one is really costly though so a plain one is fine. All purpose shield would be a platinum shield. Since you are running on Edgga, keep Magni up so you won't run out of SP. If you are planning to join ET/GMC/Wave/whatever, you need GTB/Medusa/Marc. Without those, you will have a hard time and your party will get mad at you unless they are your buddies. If you want Valk Helm, you need those other SQIs. Best card for it would be Bacsojin but these are really just luxury.
  4. GTB is for MVPs that use earthquake since sometimes you can't run fast enough unless you use fly wing.
  5. 1. Yes 2. Yes
  6. Yeah sniper should be the way since holy/shadow kills HW.
  7. It will be useful for extended classes since they can't equip dragon vest/manteau.
  8. There was a thread here back then about 2-man ET with each person using multpile clients. It is quite outdated though since it was before the change in def mechanics.
  9. No :< Anyway where are the others
  10. Money can't buy victory here.
  11. Skill description already states that it will always consume gemstones regardless.
  12. Yes but why?
  13. You need both. Although if you have to choose one, go Alice and settle with platinum shield.
  14. I usually just save my builds in talon calc but identifying which is which is sometimes confusing because it saves by job class.
  15. Got boosted exp because of castle. Join now so they can keep castle and I keep bonus exp.