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  1. Treasure Poring Name: Reindeering Color and Design: Either the regular pink poring color or brown-like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer color; with matching red-nose and antlers Treasure Poring Drops: Santa Hat ID #2236 200 Piece of Cake Box ID #20231 Old Purple Box ID #617 Old Blue Box ID #603 Chiqita's Jewelry Box ID #8901 And anything else christmassy Backstory: Christmas is always a happy time for people around the world. As Christmas is showered with food, gifts, and happy memories, it is up to Santa to make the wishes of people around the world come true. But alas, Santa cannot do it all by himself. Among the porings that help him out in the Christmas factory, one stands out the most, with red nose and antlers that resembles a certain reindeer. With the help of this poring, Santa is able to make Christmas every year the happiest time of the year. Rumor has it that this poring would intentionally show itself to those lucky enough in the "nice" list and grant one more wish to the one it encountered with. (IGN: ~~Megumin~~) (P.S. Might be too event-specific, but I just wanna see a rudolph poring )
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