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  1. OOOOO this turned out so good isu!! 🤩
  2. icons for @Hi im L! thank you for commissioning me. 💖 your characters were a lot of fun to draw!
  3. i know a few chemists. the safety of their ingredients, however, is questionable--
  4. thank you xewwo!! CHUGS ALONG HUFF HUFF speaking of, here's a couple of doodles i've done between comms to keep myself loose! i hope everyone's had a great weekend! it never feels like enough for me, i'm not ready to go back to work tomorrow.
  5. ganba xewwo!! you'll kick life's butt! your art is well worth a wait blue potions probably taste awful but that's why u go to ur friendly neighborhood chemist and request some that taste better--
  6. Finished icon for @SpellBound Thank you for commissioning me! Don't let the sandmen bully you too much~
  7. Finished icon for @badong2190! Thank you for commissioning me and being so patient with me after the holidays!
  8. hewwo friends long time no see sorry i haven't been updating lately but! i did recently complete a large icon batch for @Eighth Letter of the cakes of amatsu desserts! happy new year everyone! here's to a great year with everyone here.
  9. hello, and welcome to talonro! i'm still fairly fresh on this server, a couple of months, and i understand entirely where you're coming from. i don't think you're really doing anything wrong, per say, but talon is a unique server. i've been to a few servers, including the official, playing pre-renewal and renewal, and this one has taken some getting used to. the biggest thing being mvp cards are very standard gears! the best tip i can give you, is to find places you can both level and make money, so that you can afford some better gears. i personally don't bother with eden quests unless i really need the coins, plus some of them are really hard to solo, especially for newer players. since you have a hunter, i would recommend living in the sting mines, as my friends and i affectionately refer to it. to get there, go warp girl > gh church > west > northeast portal. exp is not too shabby, and you can sell gloves [1], sting cards, and gargoyle cards for a pretty penny. plus, those are also great gears to keep for yourself! (sting gloves! 😍) make sure to keep up with tam tam's gift region! those maps give boosted exp and all monsters have a chance to drop bronze and copper coins! just don't try picking a fight with a champion monster, they are very strong, though they do give massive amounts of exp. keep an eye out for any items that say "SQI ingredient" in the description, as some of these sell very well to lazy, but wealthy players working on end game gears. this tool is very handy to give you an idea on what may be valuable. you can use !ws in game to find out current market prices, or use the control panel on the website (which i personally find to be easier). i personally have an acc with nothing but a whitesmith on it as my vendslave, so i don't tie up an account vending. i would highly recommend doing the cursed abbey quests, even if you can't go there yet. they give some nice exp, and once you finish it on one chara, it opens the dungeon for the whole acc. it's a great place to be able to level in the future. having to go to thors is very scary, and takes a lot of fly wings and a lot of luck, but you can do it. i would recommend doing the quests on a priest since you can give yourself agi up (and memo certain places!) and also have an easier time getting a party to get you into the abbey to complete the quest. there is a safe spot on f3 where you can leave leeches as well! also, make sure to vote every day, if you don't already! voting gives you copper coins, which can be traded to talon coins, which you can either sell for around 1.1m a piece, or hold onto to get lord kaho's horns from the reward guru. kaho is probably the most valuable piece of gear you can get, as it is completely universal, and a staple gear in many end game builds! also, voting keeps our rates at 8/8 and copper coin exchange rate at 50. my final piece of advice is to find a guild to join! i am part of the best guild, and we welcome all players! there are many others on the forums who are also recruiting, so find the one that seems like the best fit for you. your guildmates can offer you a lot of help, whether it's help leveling, or their own secrets on how to navigate the server. plus, ro is a lot more fun with friends! welcome again, and good luck on your journey in talon! i hope you enjoy it here~
  10. goyu!! this guide is AMAZING and so thorough! thank you so much for taking the time to make this. i'm super excited to eventually build my sb champ!
  11. blackjack has taken over my life, so shoutout to my fellow gamblers out here suffering with me. find me on my sniper, Korbinian, in the casino, and take a screenshot of us winning or losing together to get a special discount on your commission! >:3c dear gms, please let me 1v1 the dealer. i will probably lose but i still want to 1v1 the dealer.
  12. doodle of my and guildee's charas, a wannabe cryptid and an Actual Cryptid
  13. I think it would be nice if red tickets were acc bound rather than character bound, in case anyone wants to use different characters for the event. Also, blackjack 24/7 for all the gamblers nojk. 😂 Zombie run is fun, but it's really discouraging to play when it's so hard to actually get tickets from it. Maybe make it so you get at least 1 ticket for reaching the medic each time, to encourage people to actually play.
  14. Prize for our raffle winner, @Novalolly ! Thank you again to everyone who participated in our raffle~ Look forward to our next event.
  15. hewwo yes i still draw i've just been very slow and bouncing between wips haha. finally finished up this pic i drew of my whitesmith! a little outdated on his style, but i didn't feel like editing his headgear.
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