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  1. mixtilly

    Goyu SB Champ guide for ET and GMC

    goyu!! this guide is AMAZING and so thorough! thank you so much for taking the time to make this. i'm super excited to eventually build my sb champ!
  2. mixtilly

    Mix it up! [OPEN]

    blackjack has taken over my life, so shoutout to my fellow gamblers out here suffering with me. find me on my sniper, Korbinian, in the casino, and take a screenshot of us winning or losing together to get a special discount on your commission! >:3c dear gms, please let me 1v1 the dealer. i will probably lose but i still want to 1v1 the dealer.
  3. mixtilly

    Mix it up! [OPEN]

    doodle of my and guildee's charas, a wannabe cryptid and an Actual Cryptid
  4. mixtilly

    Halloween | Melodia Haunted Festival

    I think it would be nice if red tickets were acc bound rather than character bound, in case anyone wants to use different characters for the event. Also, blackjack 24/7 for all the gamblers nojk. 😂 Zombie run is fun, but it's really discouraging to play when it's so hard to actually get tickets from it. Maybe make it so you get at least 1 ticket for reaching the medic each time, to encourage people to actually play.
  5. mixtilly

    Mix it up! [OPEN]

    Prize for our raffle winner, @Novalolly ! Thank you again to everyone who participated in our raffle~ Look forward to our next event.
  6. mixtilly

    Mix it up! [OPEN]

    hewwo yes i still draw i've just been very slow and bouncing between wips haha. finally finished up this pic i drew of my whitesmith! a little outdated on his style, but i didn't feel like editing his headgear.
  7. mixtilly

    Phantasm Art Raffle ⯌⯌ Ended!

    Congratulations, Nova! Thank you to everyone for participating.
  8. mixtilly

    Phantasm Art Raffle ⯌⯌ Ended!

    You never know!! Lady Luck may smile on you~ Amatsu is super pretty! I love the bgm there~ Another Amatsu friend! I've seen your guild around, you guys look like you have a lot of fun. I still need to find my perfect save point haha, I've just been defaulting Prontera and Eden group.
  9. mixtilly

    Phantasm Art Raffle ⯌⯌ Ended!

    Wow! I'm impressed how quickly you found her! Good job!
  10. mixtilly

    Phantasm Art Raffle ⯌⯌ Ended!

    Good luck to everyone entering! May the odds ever be in your favor.
  11. mixtilly

    Mix it up! [OPEN]

    Check out our guild's art raffle, if you haven't already! If you have, give me some love here. Good luck friends!
  12. mixtilly

    Phantasm Art Raffle ⯌⯌ Ended!

    glad to see so many people in here!
  13. mixtilly

    Mix it up! [OPEN]

    My half of an art trade with Isu!! Took me forever since I kept jumping between wips, but here we are, at long last. 😊 Check out my first post for a special on couple's commissions! Thanks for stopping by!
  14. mixtilly

    Mix it up! [OPEN]

    Chibi commissions are now available! Please check my first post for pricing info. Here is my goth-wannabe suno, Giovannetta! One day, I will get her eyepatch for her.
  15. mixtilly

    Mix it up! [OPEN]

    Hello friends! I have been jumping between a few wips instead of sitting down to actually finish something. Here's a sketch I did for fun of my and a friend's old RO characters. It was nice to be a little messy.