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  1. micchi

    ➳ isu's Art Shop! [OPEN]

    Suffering in Niff~ Guess where I'm at right now! (jk i'm in eden
  2. micchi

    S/T> Floating Ball Costume

    Feel free to mail me or mail/pm in game on yonezu! Would gladly take Protection Cloth Costume, Fawn Ears Costume or other costumes as part of a trade~ I have a larger list on my art thread too (link in sig)
  3. micchi

    ➳ isu's Art Shop! [OPEN]

    finished commission for @Bear~ !! full size has been sent over~
  4. micchi

    ➳ isu's Art Shop! [OPEN]

    the... the new cat costume is so cute i'm crying... i've added a small wish list to my first post along with a few edits~ what do you think should I offer full bodies?
  5. micchi

    ➳ isu's Art Shop! [OPEN]

    finished commission for @hazelae! full size has been sent over
  6. micchi

    ➳ isu's Art Shop! [OPEN]

    "Storm Gust!" I keep saying my male wizard is an erune(granblue fantasy race of animal eared people who's key fashion sense is backless clothes) so I tried to... well make him backless... I also completely forgot to draw his staff but that's forgivable, right? Right?
  7. micchi

    ➳ isu's Art Shop! [OPEN]

    ➳ isu's Art Shop! What are interesting thread names, I have no idea... forgive me Hi, I'm Isuzu, most people call me Isu~ My main ign is yonezu! I've only started to play on this server for a few days, but I'm already having a fun time~ And now I'm here to offer the forums my art skills~ My art tumblr is over at sigalbikeshiftcar (I don't post often I'm so sorry dfasasf) Half of payment upfront and other half once art piece has been sent please! Every piece will be transparent unless you want a simple color bg! First come first serve, to get a slot please ping/PM me! Once confirmed, feel free to send me the form~ Aside from that, I'll probably bump this thread occasionally with more ro art as I churn it out so look forward to that too I guess~ Anyway please fund my costume needs. Half Bodies: 30mil Chibis: 20mil Alternate Payments: You can pay me in Talon coins (1 coin = 1.1mil zeny) or equipment (lowest selling price (not npc price)) or a mix of all 3~ Wishlist: Here are some items that I want that I'd gladly trade for art! also known as I like to dream big /hit Form: IGN: (for payment tracking) Sprite / Art Reference: Headgear / Gear Reference: Eye Color: Brief Personality: Preferred Expression/Pose: (this is important unless you want me to come up with something...! Warning: I suck at coming up with stuff ) Misc Detail: (color of bg here if desired!) Slots Halfbody: 1. 2. Chibi: 1. 2. 3. Wait list: GM Luna Finished Commissions: ★ In game! ★ and finally catch me in-game on these characters if you wanna stop by and say hi or to chat for a bit~ yonezu(Sniper) ★ Tsumu(High Priest) ★ Raisie(Super Novice)