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  1. hi hi~ long time no post but this easter event broke into my house with all the super cute bunny costumes justscreams so i'm opening commissions again~ also i am. super late with posting these sdjkf but in the meantime here's some comms i've done in the past months
  2. ★ Hi and welcome to my lil art thread! Hello art corner! I'm popo! I've only been playing for a while but after 37492 years of not playing I'm having tons of fun again! My love for for RO has been completely rekindled and I've decided to channel that into art because some good friends enabled and well, y not. That being said, I'd like to offer some art as well to help earn some zeny besides the usual farming method because oh god the hats and costumes are too cute there are so many of them and I Have A Need. Aside from that, I may occasionally put up some doodles every now and then Chibi : 25mil zeny / 25 TC Add-ons (homuncs, pets, mounts, etc.) : 5-10m depending on complexity Chibi couple : 50mil zeny / 50 TC Busts : 20mil zeny / 20 TC sketch only || 30mil zeny / 30 TC colored Have something else that you'd like for me to draw? You can send me a PM so we can discuss and work things out! ★ Form ★ If interested, please reply, ping or PM me to reserve a slot! Once confirmed, please send me the following details: • IGN (for payment tracking) • Sprite/Art References: • Headgear/Gear References: • Eye Color: • Brief Personality: • Misc. details: (preferred chara expression, skin color, simple color bg, moles, etc.) Preferred method of payment is via mail to IGN Popokatipettle! ★ Notes ★ • Characters with armor or complicated gear, animals, mounts, and non-human pets are challenging for me, so I may take a little longer to finish, I hope you understand (´;ω;`) • I may skip turns and work on whatever I think is easiest for me to do. This is so I won't get stuck on a particular comm and possibly delay ordersヽ(´o`;) • Payments may be done in a mix of zeny, TC, and items! 1 TC = 1mil ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ • Repeat/returning customers are absolutely okay and very much welcome! (n╹ω╹)η♥ • If you have any other questions, please feel free to reply here or via PM! I don't bite I'm just a shy bean |・ω・`) ★ Wishlist / Art for Items ★ Alternatively, these are items I'd love to own and would be willing to sell my soul draw art for! If you wish to pay with things that aren't included here, I don't mind! We can try to work it out! ★ Slots ★ 1. 2. 3. ★ Wait list ★ - Thank you so much for reading!
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