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  1. Mostly just a general question-- But if I were to say specifics, maybe if you wanted to take him to Odin or Geffenia or even Wave? Obviously with a pt on the last one. Trying to weigh the benefits and the costs on if it's worth grabbing something "everything but novice equippable" like naght seiger deviling or ventoss deviling. Sniper and HW don't need deviling endgame, so I was wondering if it was similar for Super Novice or not, and what you've found in that regard with your suno expertise.
  2. @PrideFries Obvs you haven't written the guides yet, but in your experience/experimentations, did you ever find it necessary for super novice to use deviling? Or is flee just overall better because of suno's numerous access to agi boosts?
  3. More character slots please I'm too lazy to swap gear between accs--
  4. I've seen a few people recommend farming with a priest at Odin02 for earring, as an alternative to Nifl, but for the life of me I can't find any builds or guides or tips on how to do so. I went over there myself with my Nifl build, but I got eaten alive lol, so I was wondering if anyone who's had mild success surviving and killing in Odin02 with priest could share some of what they know?
  5. Thanks~ Guess I'll have to work out if I have enough patience to soul link slave.
  6. @anexasnivihsThis is semi unrelated, but I know brocca affects damage when using shield skills even though it doesn't show on the calculator, does the same hold true for icepick?
  7. 4-5 sleeper mob per afkemist is /30/ sleepers, aka just under half of the 70 that spawn on the map. 5-15 secs per sleeper to kill just extends that even more and means new ones spawn less often... I feel like 6 is way too much for one map, because... Then what does that leave not only other farmers, but other afkemists? If sleepers is such a good spot for leveling homunculi, is it fair to other people who need to level and farm with their homunculi?
  8. When does labyrinth open? It's almost the half way mark for the event. Is it the last few days?
  9. Halloween Challenge is so popular it's very hard to get into. From what I can see it lets five people in each round? Or about that. And then you have to wait five minutes for those people to finish. If there's quite a few people waiting, then you might not get in until 15 minutes or so have passed, and if it's first come first serve then you either lose your place in line or miss out on earning tickets in other minigames. Which is kind of sucky, since it's an hour only.
  10. Commision for @DeliciousGreenApple! Full version has been PMed
  11. Don't forget to draw the last person's character before requesting someone draw yours People are more likely to draw something for you if you follow the etiquette and rules. This is a "draw the person above you's character", not "draw my character for free". If you aren't confident in your skills, that's ok! It's above giving an effort. Plus, you can always commision someone if you don't want to draw at all.
  12. maetropa


    If you're lazy, elemental converter works for 3 minutes for 10k each with no slave needed. If you're still rogue, bowling bash won't work well on Mavka, since they use plagiarizable skills often
  13. maetropa


    Mavka rogue's usually go with Weeder Knife or Caesar's Sword+Baby Chick hat and a plagiarized triple attack. For Sleepers and Geffenia, they use ice pick. Then for general pvm, I'm not quite sure but it's likely a nice carded dagger (doppel/turtle general maybe?). Edit: Other equips are the general lkh, bloody knight/vanberk mid, lirate agger with pantie and undershirt combo. A shield specific to what you're hunting (tatacho?) or just plain hodremlin. Celeb ring for accessories, or rental options for str/agi if you don't have celeb.
  14. Most of the good farming spots have a bunch of people. With sleepers, you want to not get hit by either having agi/flee stacked or killing them quickly... But, for other options, you could farm sqi ingredients. Though, that's not as solid a profit as you have to wait for buyers.
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