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  1. When does labyrinth open? It's almost the half way mark for the event. Is it the last few days?
  2. Halloween Challenge is so popular it's very hard to get into. From what I can see it lets five people in each round? Or about that. And then you have to wait five minutes for those people to finish. If there's quite a few people waiting, then you might not get in until 15 minutes or so have passed, and if it's first come first serve then you either lose your place in line or miss out on earning tickets in other minigames. Which is kind of sucky, since it's an hour only.
  3. ign Maetro name Novicering / Angelring  color Similar to the Super Novice mount, large pink with the skull. Possibly with the smaller ones following as sprites or as slaves. drops Angel's Kiss [1] #5125 Angel's Reincarnation [1] #2420 Angelic Guard [1] #2116 Angelic Cardigan [1] #2521 Angelic Protection [1] #2355 (multiple?) Novice Potion #569  backstory Previously the mount of a famous super novice since retired, Angelring became enamoured with the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the novice class. He now travels the land, carrying the eponymous gear to gift to worthy adventurers.
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