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  1. Thank you all for the help so far. I have purchased a Carled and a Scorpion Card. Sufficient for on shots. Spent an hour there yesterday, obviously I need to get up to speed and I am also missing a steal clip but I got the nature of it, focused on FLEE rather that VIT. Feels good and probably a good distraction from Zerking around. I am just really wondering if I can exceed my current 2.5mio/h from Magma. So some questions: - Is 3-3.5mio really realistic with a LK? Simply by FW > Steal > Spiral > Loot > FW? - I need a fire endow, should I bring the Sage with me to the MAP or leave him at the boat entrance? - What does a Sting slotted accessory bring? I see sting card only for a shield with DEF+2 And yes, my focus will be more on universal gear affording it with Magma and Mavka where I already have 99% of the equipment I need. Can I also go directly for Megingjard? xD
  2. All clear. I will give it a try. Any particular armor + card I should wear? I water ball my biggest thread? have never been on this map before 😁
  3. More zeny/h always sounds good! 🙂 What would be the stats for a spiral pierce build for mavkas? Or what do watch out for (e.g. high flee vs high vit) So basically: Steal > Spiral > Loot > FW? I saw LK with BB at mavkas. Is this approach less efficient?
  4. Hi all, long time, no see! I believe I have come a long way with my LK and I am currently farming in magma2, zerking around and making around 2-2.5m/h. I am really wondering what the next step in terms of equipment could be for me. I still enjoy Berserk, however, also willing to switch to BB if it makes sense. I know that my armor is not ideal as it doesnt have Tao Gunka Card, however, I haven't found any STR+3 armor yet which would allow me to reach the next DEX bonus. So what do you think? How should I progress with my equipment?
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  6. Hey all, with the February Update we got another glance into the upcoming major updates on TalonRO. Already in December some “big changes” were announced but we are still lacking of information what is about to come?! I wanna use this thread to collect and share facts but also rumors. While I am not super well informed, others might know more and after all, why shouldnt we have a thread where we can share our excitement. XD The picture in the February news looks like some interface changes. I think I have seen them already on official servers. Does someone know more about it? I also read post from GMs about a SQI revamp. But no clue what this includes. What about you?
  7. Hi all, To be fair, I cant even remember when I played RO for the last time, must be 12 years ago, right after the 3rd classes were implemented. While thinking about RO every now and then in the last years, I decided to simply install it again and spend some time with this amazing game. TalonRO was my choice eventually and after playing here fore a couple of days am a little stuck how to proceed considering all features I have forgotten, missed or are different on this server. The fun with grinding is still here but I also dont wanna waste my time or spend my (not existing) money on worthless equipment. Thats why I decided to reach out to you guys, hoping you can help me out with different questions that pop up while playing. Generally I am focusing on PVM. Playing a classic Spear-Knight at the moment (85/46) with Pierce and Brandish Spear. With the loot I sold I was able to afford a Wind Lance, so now I am spending most of my time in Bibilan lv4, mobbing and searching for Marc Cards. Super late I understood that there is this Eden Group, but I managed now to get the Garment, Shoes, Armor. And this is basically all the equipment I have plus a cheap Bone Helm and Iron Cain 😎 Back then I would invest into a Pike with Orc Lady & Hydra cards + Endow to One-Pierce High Orcs until 99. Plus all the other equipment you would need for it, meaning Shield and Manteau with the respective cards. Maybe PooPoo Hat, Evil Wing Ears, Ring + Mantis. Don't nail me down, it's been a while... I believe my build was smth like that, but somehow I cant figure out how I reached 120 STR with 96 base STR: https://calc.talonro.com/?_w43CjEEKwoAwEAPDv8KkfkFRUMOvPcOOwpbDnWorVBDDv2/Ciz7DgsKBwoQcwpJ4NsKZcTIRw6XCoiEgwqrCgEt8GMO4w77CjcO+woIQw6FOw5rDimFBTsOLw5rDmSBrVSlEw7bDolpeQHLCvcOQwqUOR8O+w4MD I just have no idea if I am really on the right way. I see a lot of equipment in the shops I have never seen before. Maybe I should switch to Bowling Bash and don't use Pikes at all? Any useful NPCs on this server (e.g. to unslot items)? I know, there are a lot of guides out there but I would rather prefer a conversation with you here in this thread than going through some guides. So, what would you recommend to someone that is playing Knight again after 12 years?
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