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  1. Xerose

    Xero's Atelier (slow)

    Sapuri got her Southern Cross and its cute. I dont offer this but I explored a watercolor-y rendering style
  2. Xerose

    Xero's Atelier (slow)

    Completing the first batch of priest subclasses Here's Saccharon sporting the Mavka inspired Fairy / Druid [Subclass] that capitalizes on healing over time and other unique rooting abilities!
  3. Xerose

    Popo Draws Things ☆ [slow]

    i like how you also kept phantasm in the hat still a custom phantasm ignis cap would be tight
  4. Xerose

    Xero's Atelier (slow)

    yeah i dont blame you! the designs are starting to really get out there! theres a lot of inside info I didn't really disclose like backstory and what not but design wise i actually did base this on the high priestess designs~ and the colors from Dark Lord (since thats what this specific cult worships-- is this too much information lmao)
  5. Xerose

    Xero's Atelier (slow)

    Dark Covenant Summoner [Subclass], for when your reliable healer is actually a cultist. Lady November, a character of one of my guildmates~ Happy Halloween everyone! 🐙
  6. Xerose

    Xero's Atelier (slow)

    @micchi's Amis. Storm Gust!
  7. Xerose

    Xero's Atelier (slow)

  8. Xerose

    Xero's Atelier (slow)

    Fake Popechan Contacts-- or are they
  9. Xerose

    Xero's Atelier (slow)

    Another [Subclass] Design from the priest line, this time its the Inquisitor. I priest that kills like an assassin! The blades are based on the twin Naght Sieger swords. This is Fiori, another character of one of my guildmates.
  10. Xerose

    Xero's Atelier (slow)

    The origin of Lethea's Ignis Cap
  11. Xerose

    Xero's Atelier (slow)

    I Thought I'd share some art here while I wait for more customers A battle priest [Subclass] Design I thought of for Sapuri. I had tanking and close quarters combat in mind while designing this. It also incorporates Sapu's Nekomimi Cape Costume. Sapuri is one of my guildmates' characters. Cheers.
  12. Xerose

    Xero's Atelier (slow)

    Finished Commission for @Vanellea, Thank you for your patience! Sorry for the long wait!
  13. Xerose

    Xero's Atelier (slow)

    Congratulations @Novalolly, Thank you everyone who participated in the raffle! May lady luck be on your side next time~ Raffle Prize~
  14. Xerose

    Phantasm Art Raffle ⯌⯌ Ended!

  15. Xerose

    Xero's Atelier (slow)

    Hey folks. We're [Phantasm] hosting an Art Raffle! If you're interested check it out! if you're here to get tickets, react/emoji on this post! *make sure you have commented on the art raffle page and answered the question for your emote to count!