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  1. Thank you mix!!!! I will try my best!! Do you know any chemists, and is that flavoring deemed safe by the FDA--
  2. Whats up Talonians~ I wanted to update you on things! I'm officially having to juggle both a work and school schedule. With little free time left I have decided to temporarily close shop for the meantime, I simply do not want to keep clients waiting for too long if I can help it. However if you are still interested regardless of my current circumstances, you have until the 20th of January to sign up/take a slot. The Atelier will close its door to customers on the 20th of January What does this mean for customers who have pending works? Nothing! I will continue to work on the pieces for the people already on the list . Rest Assured on that end! To all commissioners thank you for your patience! What about people who were thinking of being put on the list? I apologize I will not be adding any more people on the list after January 20, if you would like a slot please ask/DM me before the said date! What will happen to this thread when you finish all your commission work xero?! Well, we'll have to see! For the most part I will still be posting here personal RO related artwork whenever I have some! ----- Now that that's out of the way, here's a drawing of Lethea and Sapuri taking a break from the grind! Have you ever thought about what blue potions tasted like? 🤔 Final note! Thank you again for your time and interest~!
  3. keep up the great work mix!!!
  4. Hi folks! Did you guys have fun during the holidays? 🎁 I finally got to sleep and draw again! (This is from a while back but I thought I'd post it anyway!) It's a custom outfit based on popechan (Because they look alike)! That's Ardinda, you probably recognize her! The super supernovice of your TRO art forums! courtesy of @fumiddition Would've loved to make more of the priest subclasses faster but alas, suddenly I got a job so schedule's been hectic! In any case this is also a heads up to future commissioners as to how the speed of commissions will be (since I usually can only spare time in the weekends or holidays, that is if i have no other prior appointments!) Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 🎆 Lets have a blast in 2019 as well!
  5. I got the colors wrong on this character but aha, its a doodle. It's Isika!
  6. Xerose

    Liefe's doodles

    Didn't expect to be featured here as I was lurking around when I saw it this afternoon. lmao. Thank you, both of you! All this time (since the first time I saw this thread) I've been thinking I know I've seen you and your art somewhere before but I can't quite put my finger on it. In any case, I hope you have fun here and post more cute art!
  7. Sapuri got her Southern Cross and its cute. I dont offer this but I explored a watercolor-y rendering style
  8. Completing the first batch of priest subclasses Here's Saccharon sporting the Mavka inspired Fairy / Druid [Subclass] that capitalizes on healing over time and other unique rooting abilities!
  9. i like how you also kept phantasm in the hat still a custom phantasm ignis cap would be tight
  10. yeah i dont blame you! the designs are starting to really get out there! theres a lot of inside info I didn't really disclose like backstory and what not but design wise i actually did base this on the high priestess designs~ and the colors from Dark Lord (since thats what this specific cult worships-- is this too much information lmao)
  11. Dark Covenant Summoner [Subclass], for when your reliable healer is actually a cultist. Lady November, a character of one of my guildmates~ Happy Halloween everyone! 🐙
  12. Fake Popechan Contacts-- or are they
  13. Another [Subclass] Design from the priest line, this time its the Inquisitor. I priest that kills like an assassin! The blades are based on the twin Naght Sieger swords. This is Fiori, another character of one of my guildmates.
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