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  1. Xerose

    Phantasm Art Raffle ⯌⯌ TBA!

    good to see its lively
  2. Xerose

    Satra's sketchbook~

    your art style sure gives me nostalgic feelings. keep up the great work
  3. Xerose

    ➳ isu's Art Shop! [OPEN]

    its so good. 1 ! !! ! !
  4. Xerose

    Forum Event: Summer Loading Screen Contest

    I think there's an upload size (as in height and width) limit with regards to inserting images, it's just being resized as a sort of preview. if you click on it, it looks fine (at least to me). also good job!
  5. Xerose

    Forum Event: Summer Loading Screen Contest

    IGN: Lethea ☀ GM Zelda Challenge: Bottom's Up + 2 - Include 3 types of cooling beverages in your art. ☀ GM Boreas Challenge: I Wear My Sunglasses +1 - Wear sunglasses. barely makes it in time, this is fine