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  1. IntegerOW

    Seals Service From Aldebaran Est.2016 [OPEN]

    How much does cost it for all 4 seals? 😛
  2. IntegerOW


    TITLE. I CAN GIVE 230m + Excalibur Double Fighting Spirit lvl 4.
  3. IntegerOW

    S> My HP/Champ Stuff

    S> I accept offers too. Write a message here, I will check very often
  4. IntegerOW

    How to get MTR results to diagnose lag

    As you can see clearly, theres something wrong... I get loss to the server and the host usd-18-edge2.lax12.pnap,net and its laggy. Hope this helps alot to solve the issue 😕
  5. IntegerOW


    Dann gibs die wohl nicht mehr Glaube es gibt keine Deutsche Gilden mehr auf tRO. Sogar Boreas ist deutsch =D
  6. IntegerOW

    How to get MTR results to diagnose lag

    So.. basically the lags are not 24/7... Sometimes I can play like 5 hours straight without lag. As soon the lag started, I get forced to play another game since its unplayable.... What I do now is, as soon when the lag is coming, im gonna play a different game q.q Yes, I also noticed this... so I dont think its us anymore....
  7. IntegerOW


    Hiho, Wollte ich auch grade Fragen, gibt es auch noch?
  8. IntegerOW

    Duo WERPA Leech

    Realy cool guys I got 90 to 97 with 1 hour =D really recommended ❤️
  9. IntegerOW

    Rachel Entrance Quest

    Try to do the Rachel Sanctuary Quest from the beginning. As far as I know you need to do some pre-quests to do the Rachel Sanctuary quest.
  10. IntegerOW

    How to get MTR results to diagnose lag

    Hello. I live in germany and here is my WinMTR. Im lagging so much that I cant even talk realy to NPCs:
  11. IntegerOW

    Starting the Game

    Hello, Yes, try to download the full-client instead of the small client. Or try first update kRO before starting tRO. Your kRO might be outdated. Full-client always works.
  12. IntegerOW

    TalonRO On Twitch & YouTube

    https://twitch.tv/integer_ow/ Discord: integer_ow#8866 Currently streaming daily.