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  1. Hello there. I see you point, but as I said many other people use it to actually find these non-spawnable mobs. There are several ways to find this specific information you are looking for, one example is that you can use the Calculator to find the Earth (within the level of this element) mobs or any dungeon you are planning to farm: Thank you ❤️
  2. Hello there, Well the database shows if the mob spawns or not, I don't see the point of having this trouble to edit our Panel. I'm sure there are people (like myself) that use it for searching all mobs. I'm declining this for now, thanks for your suggestion. ❤️
  3. GM Amor


    Changed Status to Declined
  4. GM Amor


    Hello there, Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately this behavior is intended as a rental would be something you put effort on regular basis. Happy gaming ❤️
  5. Hello there. The SQI revamp is on the agenda already, so I'll decline this. Thank you for the suggestion. ❤️
  6. Changed Status to Pending
  7. Hello there, This will require a brand new map flag, I'm setting this as Pending for now, no ETA tho. Thank you for the suggestion ❤️
  8. Hi there. Well I don't think we have pvp population for another hour of WoE. Also I'm not sure that "not being to sneaky break" is the reason why people don't join WoE. We are revamping the entire system, so I'm marking this as a decline.
  9. GM Amor


    Changed Status to Pending
  10. GM Amor


    Hello, Thanks for the inputs, really appreciated. We actually have this on agenda already, it will come in due time ❤️
  11. GM Amor

    PvP Lounge area.

    Hello there, Have you ever tried the !duel command? You can chill in most field places with that ❤️
  12. Changed Status to Pending
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