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  1. kaixian0011

    Seals Service From Aldebaran Est.2016 [OPEN]

    How much for 3 seals? I done the pront one.
  2. kaixian0011

    ••• SELLING PRO seals service (Est. 2014) ••• [OPEN]

    How much for 3 seals? I did the Pront one.
  3. kaixian0011

    Mailbox PRO Seal Services [OPEN] NEW THREAD

    Hey I have done Pront Seals. How much for the rest?
  4. kaixian0011

    Event | Design Your Own Treasure Poring

    IGN: AkiKai Name: Elementalring Color: Mix of Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. (I'm thinking the poring changes color every few seconds) Drops: Elemental Weapon Box - ID ### (A box that will give you a random elemental weapon) Red Blood - ID #990 Crystal Blue - ID #991 Wind of Verdure - ID #992 Green Live - ID #993 Flame Heart - ID #994 Mystic Frozen - ID #995 Rough Wind - ID #996 Great Nature - ID #997 Backstory Pisruik, the author of the Elemental Potion Creation Guide and a member of the Monster Research Organization was looking for a way to create stronger elemental potions than the ones currently in Midgard. He fed porings around Yuno with powerful elemental stones and then tried to evolve them with Stone of Sage to no avail. Tired and defeated with only one Stone of Sage left, Pisruik was about to call it quits. When suddenly, his loyal pet poring leaped onto the table and ate the pure elemental stones along with the Stone of Sage. *BANG* Dazed and confused, Pisruik managed to catch a glimpse of his beloved poring before it teleported away. Since the event, he only hear rumors about a poring with the colors of red, yellow, green and blue. Roaming Midgard while leaving powerful elemental weapons and stones behind. The Elementalring.
  5. kaixian0011

    An open apology to Para Smeltery

    Hey guys, This is just an open apology to the player Para Smeltery. I'm deeply sorry about being so rude. There was a miscommunication and I did not have to react/reply the way I did. I hope you can read this msg and forgive me. Context: Para Smeltery was on the market buying Mysterious Key. I asked for an offer and there was negotiations back and forth. All is normal and I asked whats the mysterious key for. Para replied with dgn, and I asked is it seals? (Im quite new to the game). Para followed up by nob, are you still selling? Now Im not using this as an excuse but I have been having a bad day with shitty people left and right. So I reacted with no, Im not selling it to you just to piss you off. Para then typed up a whole bunch of korean words (which I do not understand and mistaken it as bunch of korean insults slurred at my way). I reacted with some &^%^&% and then Para said he/she is hurt etc. And proceeded to block me. At that point is time I figured why would someone insult me and say they are hurt. So I re-read the msgs and realised that when Para said Nob- he/she meant nope. Not Noob which was what I interpreted. Now I dont know what were the korean words used by Para, but I hope its not foul words and now I feel terrible. Im sorry Para that I hurt you. I reacted too defensively due to my conditioning in the dota2 world. I just hope you can read this. Sincerely, AmazonPrime
  6. kaixian0011

    S> Lucius FA [Dex+3][Gloom]

    28m AkiKai AmazonPrime
  7. kaixian0011

    B> Dragon's Breath +/- Deviling card

    Leave your ID/ PM me in game. AkiKai AmazonPrime