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  1. Just to expand a little bit on Veteran vs Krasnaya, after playing around on the calculator. The damage is very similar between those two. Just the plain weapon with the cards mentioned above, there might be at most a difference of 1 to 2 BB to kill a MVP, so they're pretty much even. The main differences I can see: Krasnaya has a +20 ATK bonus if base STR >= 95. So if you want to have the full power of the sword, you need at least that much base STR, so that gives a little bit less flexibility on the stat distributions. Veteran has a bonus of +1 STR and +1 DEX Krasnaya is a level 2 weapon, Veteran is a level 4 weapon. Which means: There's a bigger gap between min and max damage for Krasnaya, especially with lower DEX Each refine of Krasnaya gives a +3 bonus ATK, each refine of Veteran gives a +7 bonus ATK. If you stay on the safe side, a +6 Krasnaya will give +18 bonus ATK, a +4 Veteran will give +28 bonus ATK. The crazier you go with the refine, the more powerful Veteran will be compared to Krasnaya. Malangdo Enchants: You can have 2 enchants on a Veteran, only 1 on Krasnaya. Good thing is that they're both cheap to enchant Krasnaya has 3 slots, Veteran has only 1. So Krasnaya is more flexible for the cards. For a MVP specific weapon, you could even go [Doppel, SG, AK], which should do more damage because of the compounding effect of different types of damage increase. I guess you could also go [Doppel, SG, Kiel] if you don't want to spend too much on GJ, or if you want to use Kaahi to survive better, or [Doppel, SG, QS/Phreeoni] if you need extra HIT points. That's all I can think of Anyway, they're both great 2H swords, so you can't go wrong with any of them
  2. @LaFerrari97 Can you please be more specific about the exact builds in game compared to the exact numbers in calculator? (a calc link would be ideal) https://calc.talonro.com/?_S05MTMKMSkxCw4DCpMOiRFTCkGoKZyYDw6VSwoDDnMOUw5JUwrfDhMOEwrQkIMOOAMOiQgjChsKDJMKQw5JSEMOLI3HDsAAA Using the calculator, a lvl 51 Novice with just 80+0 LUK gives me 25 CRIT. I know the base CRIT formula from pre-Iduna to post-Iduna has slightly changed, and this change will be applied in the calculator soon, so that might fix your second difference. For the first one, I can't get this 54 Critical. Can you please show the exact class stats and gears used?
  3. Nice post for a quick start as a Knight on the sleeper farming journey Also for complementary information, I have to mention the two main sleepers guides out there: - The one that I personally used when I was a young Knight (there's even a video showing how it's done): - And the more recent guide written by Spark I'll just discuss about the 2 ideas that are not mentioned in the previous guides: The usage of a Soul Linker, and the "I miss you" trick for a quick warp back to the sleeper's map. My LK is married to a HP and I was using "I miss you" all the time when farming on sleepers About the Soul Linker, I don't think the SL buffs are necessary when farming on sleepers. When starting, you can get away with meats. And as you're getting stronger, a 99/70 LK with Deviling garment and better gear overall, you'll need little to no recovery item to use. So Kaahi doesn't feel necessary. Well, I guess a lvl 1 Kaahi doesn't hurt if your GEC can keep up with the sp. For Kaizel, it's even less necessary, because if you die, you'll need to come back to your Sage anyway for endow. So it doesn't matter if you auto-rez on the sleeper map, or if you respawn to town. However, outside of sleepers, Soul Linker as a spouse is still a very good idea! There are 2 ways one can receive Ka-buffs from a Soul Linker: By being married to a SL, or by having the SL under Soul Link (from another SL). There are places other than sleepers where Ka-buffs are useful, and being married to SL avoids that extra client to Soul Link your Soul Linker. About using "I miss you", it's an awesome tip for a quick trip to Kafra storage! Keep in mind that it takes about 20 seconds between the time you cast it, and the time you actually come back next to your spouse! For an optimal storage trip, here's how it should be done when you're 90% overweight: 1) !return or Butterfly Wing 2) Alt-tab to your spouse, cast "I miss you" 3) Alt-tab back to your Knight/LK 4) You now have 20 seconds to open your Kafra storage, put everything in it, restock if you need to. Dont' forget you can Alt+Right click items from your inventory window to avoid to drag & drop every single item. Don't even bother closing your Storage window when done. 5) Alt-tab to your Priest/HP, ready to buff once your LK comes back Also, if you have your alts on the safe spot, make sure they're always alive. I usually have the sound turned on on one of the alts, so I can hear when they're under attack. Worst case scenario, you can use "I miss you" to have your LK back to you to kill the mobs attacking your alts. It also helps if your alts can take many hits (some def, some vit). Happy farming!
  4. Can we pin this topic? This will be very helpful for all newcomers and old returning players.
  5. I'd like to suggest some classical classics Strauss - The Blue Danube (might be too long?) Ravel - Bolero (too long?) Offenbach - Infernal Galop (the song for the Can Can dance :D) Wagner - Ride Of The Valkyries
  6. When looking at a behavior of a game mechanic, regardless of whether it's a bug or not, it can be viewed from 5 different angles: Behavior pre-Iduna Current behavior post-Iduna Official pre-renewal behavior What players really want What GMs think is best for the server Ideally, they should all overlap, but it's not always the case If something is really unusual, I think transparency is better, and we should check with the GMs if this is intended. There have been fixes in both ways, some that can be considered as "buff" for the players, some that can be considered as "nerf", so I think it's fair not to hide any game changing (not necessarily breaking) newly found behavior.
  7. Reviving one of the old threads about the neverending quest of the dagger of Edda... During the Halloween event, there were 2 references of this dagger. The first one was at the library of Melodia: On one of the books, it was written that "there is a legendary dagger around, hidden away in a secluded place. It sounds like bell collars and tastes of milk." I'm not sure how to interpret that. Obviously, the sound of bell collars and tastes of milk must refer to the cow Berta in Geffen? However, those 2 sentences put together, does that mean that there's also a cow on that "secluded place" as well? Another Berta or one of her friend? Also, "collars" is plural, so does that mean there are multiple cows? Or is it just more simple than that: The first part refers to the dagger of Edda in the secluded place, and the second part is unrelated and just refers to Berta, and that's it? For the other reference, we were given a hint by @GM Phoenix: So I farmed hundreds of Lucky Candy to check if this was true, and he was actually right! After MANY attempts, I got the following: ......
  8. Super cool guide! And nice videos too! Somehow, I thought that when you wore Holy armor, you received 2x damage from Shadow. But it's just 1.25x more damage since you just become Holy 1. So what you do totally makes sense, and given all the options to reduce Shadow, it's indeed manageable to have some shadow element resistance on top of Angelic card. For the 1-handed BB LK, just wearing a Valk Shield already cancels the armor element penalty. The only drawback is that FBH and Banshee have more Shadow property attacks than Holy, so you have to tank those. I'm not really a MVP hunter, I just kill those I randomly encounter during my adventures. I tend to prefer BB with Nibel + Alice shield because with my luck, I'll always get the big burst of damage when Parrying doesn't proc >_< But one super nice thing with Parrying is that its 50% block completely ignores decay, so it's 50% regardless of the number of mobs attacking you! Can't wait to see your FBH video! I often do ET in duo with HP, and haven't succeeded floor 80 yet! So you'll most likely give me some inspiration to go past it! 😀
  9. Haha, looks like we were working on the same thing! I submitted my pull request as well, but it only covers the MVP cards so far.
  10. Hello! I'd like to make some change to the calculator to add some of the new content. I forked the repo, took a look at the code, and did some changes to add the Malaya MVP cards, which seem to be working fine when testing locally. Can anyone grant me the proper permissions to the Git project? When I'll submit a pull request, is there anyone who can check that I didn't screw up anything? Thanks!
  11. Oh, too bad I thought it could have been useful for some players there, but didn't think about the monitoring part. Thanks for the quick reply!
  12. During my usual morning sleeper farming session, someone said "привет" to me even though I only speak French and English, and some other people started speaking Tagalog in #main, before someone else reminded them to only speak English on this channel. That got me thinking... would it be a good idea to have language specific public channels? Not a channel created by player that will be closed once everyone disconnect, but some public channel always available to join, like #main #recruit and #market. That would allow people who speak a foreign language and not too comfortable with their English to talk to each other. We would have some extra channels like: #french #deutsch #русский #español #filipino etc... (maybe all the languages listed in the International section of this forum?) Also, since it's not intuitive for beginners to use the !channel command to find those channels, it would also be good to have some kind of "Babel" NPC in Prontera that either gives you the exact !channel command to type depending on the language you want to speak, or who directly make you join the desired channel.
  13. The merchant who's going to break the Great Natures and sell the Green Lives to NPC should be on the same account as the Knight. It's more convenient because they're sharing the same Kafra Storage. Knight farms and stores, Merchant takes them for breaking and selling. The other account is for your sage. You only need your sage to endow your weapon once every 30 minutes. So just endow and forget. As @kolela said, you can have your priest on that same account or on a third one, it's up to you.
  14. I rewatched it recently, and liked it more than I expected! There's a valid reason to visit many places from the game, so that's an enjoyable journey. And we can see most of the 2-1 and 2-2 jobs. (I think Alchemist is the only one we don't actually see). The bad guys are quite irritating though especially Keough ("Hello, I'm here to make the plot progress! Now I'm gone, see you next episode!") Also, Baphometo is a badass
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