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  1. As a temporary measure, you can use the !refresh command from Bonus Bundle to remove the bugged dead mob sprites when they appear
  2. Yeah, I wasn't clear. I mean those who haven't done the seal quests yet and who were getting prepared to do them.
  3. For GEC, we were hoping that rAthena would fix it in a timely manner... I reported the issue on rAthena on May 6th, and nothing happened since then (and still no update from them...). Thanks GM team for fixing it by yourselves! For the Beta testing, I think the main purpose was to make sure the data migration script was working properly. There have been some major issues (items with same ID taking different inventory spaces, buggy walking buffering, bug with already hatched pets, ...), that have been discovered at that time, have been fixed, and that non-beta players have never heard of, which is a good thing Also, as Boreas said, only a small sample of players have tried to break the Beta with whatever came to their mind (RO is a big world!), so it had to be expected to miss many issues. Personally, I'm super excited with all the new contents that will come as a result to the transition to Iduna The only problem I have is for all the players who invested some time and effort to do (or buy) the seal quests for their SQIs, and who can't do anything at the moment. We know SQI revamp is coming, but I wish the transition could have been smoother.
  4. Hmm, I think you got it wrong somewhere, or I'm not understanding your calculation correctly. What @ArseniXC mentioned as "profit" is the price difference to break even between selling to players and breaking them himself. One single GN is worth around 4,000 zeny. Let's make it more simple, based on simplified assumptions: We drop 45 GN per 4 minutes We break 225 GN per 2 minutes 1 GN, once broken and sold as Green Lives is worth 4,000 zeny We got 44 minutes in our hands In these 44 minutes, we can either: Drop GN for 40 minutes, and break for 4 minutes. You would drop 450 GN and break & sell everything. Drop GN for 44 minutes, and sell everything to players. You would drop 495 GN. In case of 1), you would make 450 x 4,000 = 1,800,000 zeny In case of 2), you would make 495 x buying price - If buying price is 3,100 that would make 1,534,500 zeny which is less than breaking yourself (This is the highest price from buyer I can find at the moment...) - If buying price is 3,637 that would make 1,800,315 zeny which is the same as breaking yourself - If buying price is 3,700 that would make 1,831,500 zeny which is slightly more than breaking yourself And I'm not considering the time to find buying merchant to buy per batch of 225 GN (too heavy to carry more), or setup your selling shop every 225 GN. So as I said in my previous post, it depends on how many GN you farm, the availability of buying merchants, and the price on which you can sell them to players, how fast you break & sell the GN, and of course player's preference
  5. I think Selling GN vs Breaking them is an interesting topic. It depends on many factors: How fast you can farm GNs How fast you can break GNs The buying price Availability of a buying merchant (at the right price) If you prefer staying on the sleeper map forever, or have a "break" for GN breaking from times to times I don't think there's a clear answer on which is better, it depends on player's preference, so I can only speak for my case, which might be different than anyone else. Personally, I drop 700 GN per hour (sometimes more, sometimes less). A buying merchant can buy around 215 GN at a time. So I need to find 4 merchants willing to buy at a good price for each hour of farm, which doesn't happen all the time. I also break around 10K GN per hour, so I find the time breaking GN relatively negligible compared to the time I farm on sleepers. It's an 1 hour break for every 14 hours of farming. So my preference goes for breaking the GN myself. But I understand those who prefer to sell them to players instead.
  6. Damn! Because of you, I'll start seeing lots of little Knighties on my main farming place!! Joke aside, this is a really great guide! As a LK who drops more or less 700 GN / hour, I approve everything. There's nothing to change on this guide. It's both well detailed and beginner-friendly! Whoever wants to start GN farming, please read it all, and read it again! I'd also recommend this guide that I used when I started on this server, I think they complement each other quite well: https://forum.talonro.com/topic/28205-knight-farmer-as-a-starter-sort-of-a-guide/ I'll just add some tips for those who want to get to the extra mile, just small details here and there for extra comfort and efficiency... Some are useful, some are useless. Take whatever you want from that list You will want Sleep immunity, get a slotted mid-headgear with Nightmare card You will want Stone Curse immunity, there are 2 solutions: 1) If you use a shield, you can use Medusa card 2) Evil druid card on armor. It enchants your armor with Undead property. Many things happen when wearing undead armor, but for farming sleeper you only need to know that: You are immune to Stone Curse, but you can't receive Heal (you can still receive buffs and use the Doctor NPC, though!) Another way of Teleporting is by using a Creamy Card accessory. Infinite Fly wing is still better because there's no extra message window that pops up on each teleport. When starting the sleepers journey as a young Knight, Magmaring card on garment can also help reaching 1-hit BB (Increase physical damage on Earth Property enemies by 10%.), especially if you use Ahlspiess instead of rental Brocca Rebirthing to LK makes your time easier: With Concentration, you only need to buy a super cheap Ahlspiess to 1-Hit BB, without the need of any buff (except Endow). So you only need to back to town when you're 90% overweight. Also, you won't need to farm Bronze coins for Rental Brocca anymore. BB cast is reducible by DEX, and animation + delay is based on ASPD. In theory, that means that the fastest BB spam you can get is by having 150 DEX and 190 ASPD. However, this is completely overkill, especially because there's a limit of 3 skills per second. As a complement of Teleport, Peco + fast movement speed helps to reach some places quickly. The cheapest way to increase move speed is to make yourself a Moogle Ball. (Lets you use the skill Agi Up lvl 2: https://wiki.talonro.com/Crown_Jewelry_Quest). Switch hat, cast agi up, switch back to your main hat. For LK: With a 2H-sword, you can use Parry which is a great defensive skill, and 2-Hand quicken for faster ASPD. I'd recommend it only if you 1-Hit BB sleepers with your weapon, so run the numbers on calculator. My favorite weapon there is Veteran Sword, because with Violet Fear, you sometimes waste some time with the auto-cast of Meteor Storm... Ice Pick is a VERY effective weapon on sleepers. It's an expensive buy though... so I personally don't recommend if it's just for sleepers. However, if you already have one, or if you plan on making a sinX later, then have fun with it It's up to you if you want to spend the extra 0.5 sec picking up non-GN loots, or just focus on GN. Keep in mind it adds up over a 1-hour session With some practice and no lag, you can pick up some of the loots when they're falling to the ground, but not on the ground yet About the breaking GN/selling Green Lives part: It's not very clear on the guide, but for the Umbala warp, the idea is that your warper slave can /memo ON the warp that brings you to the Shaman house (you can walk on it if you haven't done the quest) Load 225 GN in your inventory, 225 GN in your cart, so you only have to open Kafra storage once every 2 trips For non-bonus-bundle users, you can abuse !sj to come back to a place where there's both a Kafra and a Tool dealer NPC in sight for an instant sell and restock. To do that, set up a shop with a 3rd account, selling one garbage item that no one would ever sell nor buy. Then, just set the !sj command as a shortcut for a quick back to town. However, !sj abuse will become obsolete post-Iduna, because as I understand, you will only be able to !sj on autotrade shops, so that won't work anymore While doing that, to warp your merchant back to Shaman: 1) Cast Warp Portal WITHOUT validating the location BEFORE your merchant backs, on the exact tile he's going to return 2) Merchant backs, sell, restock without moving 3) Validate the warp location for an instant warp back to Shaman house See you in yuno_fild06!
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