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  1. Sunday April 18th @ 5pm (17:00) Server Time. Thank you!
  2. Hi Lance! Can I please book for Sunday March 21st @ 5pm (17:00) Server Time? Thank you!
  3. Hi Lance, Can we book Sunday 27th @ 5pm (1700) server time? Thank you!
  4. Hi Lance, is it possible to book slot for December 20th @ 5pm (17:00) server time? Thank you!
  5. Melee party conquers the Ancient Tower! This instance wasn't made to be done by melee party, with all those reflects, high flee and numerous monsters that expose the def decay. But LKs don't care about all that and still go to the top! Surely, the Valkyries didn't expect to be Bowling Bashed and Cart Terminated that day Party: Hatfun Tallnut sturdy kitty Messi* Solyyrie Lady Crimson SleepyStudies Cecil Nox iSanguine ~Bardo Re-Parallax Chubby Des
  6. Hi Lance! Can I please get a slot for September 6th at 5:00pm server time? Thank you!
  7. I'd like to suggest some classical classics Strauss - The Blue Danube (might be too long?) Ravel - Bolero (too long?) Offenbach - Infernal Galop (the song for the Can Can dance :D) Wagner - Ride Of The Valkyries
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