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  1. One month later , My Priest is 99 I need to wait the 31st august for the rebirth! My Rogue is 95 My Dancer is 99 I want to wait my Alchemist My Alchemist (Creatinnia) is 61 ! If you see me in the game, you can pm me and I can help you Have a nice day
  2. Hello, I'm new to TalonRo. I'm playing three characters : - Roguinnia (my Rogue will stay Rogue) - Arduinnia (my Dancer, I hope that she will become gypsy some day ) - Ardunna (my Priest who will become High Priest soon (1 month)) I have a merchant too ( Vendorinna). In real life, I am a mom of two kids (3 and 6 years old). I am a French who lives in the USA. I am married since September 2011. I hope I could make some friends here and find a guild who speaks French or English (but my English is not very good ). See you soon !!
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