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    Hi All

    thanks for the tip. i found it after i read this.
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    Hi All

    Hey everyone. Jeez this game brings back memories. I wonder if anyone on here remembers when the original game RO released on beta like over a decade ago. Man those were good times. hundreds of people camping in orc forest just waiting at a swing for orc hero. Just started 3 days ago here and I'm loving it so far. Fun and reminds me of the classic. All these new classes are definitely a learning curve for me but I am enjoying it. I wonder if anyone on here is from the humble beginnings of RO? Would be awesome to see an old original like me haha. Also these new quests are definitely a fun addition. I remember there weren't any quests at all, at least not trackable. Oh and by the way, anyone know if the eden quest at level 80 is broken? Couldn't find the npc in Einbroch south where he supposed to be.