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  1. Arthur Pendragon

    S> 600x Animal Skin

    Selling 600 Animal Skin pieces. PM me in-game at Bohannon
  2. Arthur Pendragon

    S> Round Buckler[1]

    Leave offer and IGN or message me In-Game with offer and I'll get back to you ASAP. IGN: Bohannon
  3. Arthur Pendragon

    Hello, I am new to TalonRO.

    Thank you GM Neza. Greetings and Thank you, Yoh. I'm interested in joining a Guild, especially one with members still leveling:)
  4. Arthur Pendragon

    Hello, I am new to TalonRO.

    Hello, my name on the Forum is Arthur Pendragon (Will be changing it in 14 days since apparently there is someone in-game named Arthur Pendragon, as well). I am new to TalonRO and I am looking for some people to game with. I'm not the most experienced when it comes to Ragnarok. Especially low-rate servers. But, I am really interested in playing and reaching 99, gearing up and playing with a Guild. IGN: Bohannon Class: Swordsman Started: Today at 3:00pm