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  1. Taking orders to take out the dogs from the cat mafia boss. IGN: GeneralEnu GM Challenges: [GM Spica] Pink Sands Your entry must be taking place in Comodo City. [GM Radius] The Pet Decorative Have a pet wearing a pet accessory next to you. [GM Blackstar] Assassin's Protocol Have a Stealth theme item in your look. Item: Dark blinder.
  2. IGN: GeneralEnu 🌸GM Radius Challenge - The Botanist🌸 (Include 7 types of flower in your artwork. Don't forget to list them in your post!) Cherry Blossom - definitely almost everywhere on top of the artwork because it's the theme of my artwork. Tulips - in the flower stall Sunflower - in the flower stall Lilly - in pink Mavka's hand, and in the flower stall Camellia - in the flower stall (Red one with no leaf) Lavender - in the flower stall Poppy - in the flower stall Rose - in the flower stall (Red on with leaves) 🌸GM Haziel Challenge - Grind All Night Long🌸 (Include MVP or Mini-Boss in your piece.) Flying Angeling. 🌸GM Alisa Challenge - Spring is Where the Magic Happens🌸 (Include Fairies/Pixies and anything magical in your artwork.) Coz I want a pink Mavka... so I put in a pink Mavka Pixe!!! 🌸GM Mizkie Challenge - Sleeping Bunnies🌸 (Include a sleeping Lop Rabbit.) Sleeping lunatic as a sleeping lop rabbit. 🌸GM Seiren Challenge - Blossoming🌸 (Include Tulips.) Tulips - in flower stall. 🌸GM Blackstar Challenge - Bundle of Love🌸 (Include Camellia Flowers.) Camellia flowers - in the flower stall (Red one with no leaf) 🌸GM Lance Challenge - Land of the Rising Sun🌸 (Include Cherry Blossom petals.) This is a cherry blossom theme. You can clearly see multiple cherry blossom petals in the artwork.
  3. Instead of adding the tRO official logo, can I draw them?
  4. IGN: GeneralEnu "Sweater weather is better together" GM Challenge GM Aqua Challenge: Include a snowball fight. + 2 GM Mikzie Challenge: Include any MVP wearing an ugly Christmas sweater. + 2 (Moonlight Flower in ugly sweater) GM Radius Challenge: Cone Job - Include an ice-cream cone, a carrot and a party hat. +2 GM Alisa Challenge: 12 Days of Christmas! - Include twelve (12) Christmas gift boxes. +2 GM Luna Challenge: Include TamTam wearing Father Christmas outfit somewhere in your artwork. +2 GM Creed Challenge: Nobody should be left alone for the holidays. Include Antonio (either being naughty or nice). +2 GM Lance Challenge: Include TamTam in your artwork. +2 GM Xing Challenge: Include cats with Christmas outfits. +2
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