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  1. Iskand3r

    SinX veteran

    Against Mavkas Ice Pick does less damage then Weeder Knife. But yeah it's pretty universal.
  2. Iskand3r

    npc effects

    If you want to see what "Agi up" NPC version looks like - hunt a couple of Ork Ladies - they use it all the time. Adrenaline Rush is used by Goats quite often. Overthrust... don't remeber exactly where i saw it. Biolab MB?
  3. Iskand3r

    DG champ build questions

    DG - Dimensional Gorge - a location accessed by quest, where Diablos Robe is farmed and Incantaion of Morroc spawn. Gives quite nice exp if you can 1hitKO them, but requires to have good equipment to reach 190+k Asura DL+DI - Dark Lord+Dark Illusion card combo. IMHO - second best card combo for asura champ after Incubus+GEC combo. This statement is arguable though, since in some situations the DI+DL combo works better.
  4. Iskand3r

    кросс гефения

    Шило и Эскалибур обязательны - с Базеральда соулбрейк слабее по Инкубам. А ещё стоит докачать декс до инстант-каста как минимум. Шило стоит почантить - на декс особо полезно. Эскалибур - аналогично. Нечто такое. Навскидку: https://calc.talonro.com/?_wr3CjEsKwoAwDETCr2QPUcOpwqILw5fDribCpWlrNhU/FU9vCyJ6AV/DiGMIZBwKWUpkQXDDlSdoc8KEwqAZN2F+YhTCoCQewovDtn0cw5YMw7BEZl/CgMK2wr7CgiTDgixcw5t8wpbDtnM0GSjCvMOow6rCqMOvw6k/Lg Скиллбилд: http://irowiki.org/~himeyasha/skill5/asc.html?10GXCKlnyasNbxGSJy Билды, конечно, можно и НУЖНО оптимизировать. Как минимум - достичь 230 уворота. Просто не стал заморачиваться. Ибо лень Так... пару минут с калькулятором поигрался
  5. Iskand3r


    this thread should have been moved to "Class Discussion -> Thief", since it's not a guide.
  6. Iskand3r


    I can suggest an easyer way to travel into future: Drink vodka labeled "Time machine" - it takes only a bottle and you'll wake up in tomorrow
  7. Iskand3r

    Casual-fun гильдия "Kets".

    Этот кот смотрит на всех как на...
  8. Argueing... calling GMs.. There's an alternative way to handle such matters yourself
  9. Iskand3r

    Re: Voting links.

    It is also possible, if you're using "Ghostery" plugin, that it renders the ReCaptcha as a tracker and blocks it. Also sometimes Gamestop100 has issues with their custom captcha minigame. But i never had any issue with the extremetop100 site itself. MB somthing with route?
  10. Previous post deleted. Post reserved for story
  11. Iskand3r

    Problem with Quest

    Are you kiling them by the main char, or by an alt in second window? Because if U R killing them by an alt - the kill counts only if it's within 24 squares from the main char,
  12. Iskand3r

    What Are You Listening To?

    Since Christmas wasn't so long ago...