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  1. Great video love it! havent seen SN hunt MVP know I know it possible thanks! Thank you for the info! unfortunately it is hard to find SN builds not many would like to share theirs but Im trying to find suitable builds that would help others as well as myself to farm. Looking forward to more guide of yours for future reference!
  2. I read the thread it had good info but I need the melee build listed out for others like me starting out. Any farm place build would do whether it is sqi oriented or not is fine both would be nice. Thank you Hello, I read up on flee bolter really great idea but I would love to try melee for beginners. I dont mind investing money but would love to know buils requiring sqi and ones that are not. Thanks again
  3. Hello everyone! Im currently looking to invest and use suno for farming purposes. I was wondering if anyone has a melee build they would love to share for beginners, experienced and high end players. Im looking for places such as sleepers, mavka, geffenia, juperos and any other locations that you would like to share. Thanks looking forward to hearing your ideas!
  4. Merri

    SELL > > > SN GEARS

    +7 Novice Breastplate [Bathory] +7 Novice Manteau +7 Novice Shield Feel free to leave or dm offers! IGN: Merri
  5. Merri

    B>SN Equips

    I still have SN Gears for sale: +7 novice breastplate +9 novice manteau
  6. Looking for this particular gear/costume if you have please let me know your price thanks!
  7. Yeah I totally agree, regarding with cooperation, being in a party might trigger a quest or hint of some sort but there are things that can be only accomplished through parties as well.
  8. I know it has been over 2 years now and I am wondering if anyone has found a new clue regarding the most difficult quest (not impossible) of all times in talonro? I would like to continue this thread and not give up hope. So if there are still any players out there who wishes to continue with me let us search together and collect more information so that we can finally unlock this god tier quest!
  9. Thank you GM Haru! I will definitely look into it and put it to good use!
  10. Hello, This is my first time playing this game and would like to know everyone opinions about it. Any likes/dislikes, tips/tricks, and anything that can give me more knowledge about ragnarok. Would love to hear your opinion and hopefully I can put it to good use!
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