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  1. Ornstein

    Art Dump

    Update! Added a finished piece of an art trade. Haven't drawn in a while due to a burn out related to art, but I'm slowly getting back into it.
  2. @NewGuyinTown Hopefully it worked for you! @GM Azul Hahaha, the reason I use it is because in many ways it's one of the better Virus Scanners I had, Norton was much worse and would delete even Photoshop files, calling them a Virus. I think you can understand how pissed that made me. xD It took a while to figure this out for me, but my dad works in the ICT field and almost immediately knew how to work around this. Considering I heard many people who ran against similar problems with MCAfee I decided to make a guide and hopefully help people who run against the same problems but do not wish to delete their Virus Scanner. I also believe it works in a similar fashion with other Virus Scanners that see TalonRO as malware, just refuse to let those programs scan it. xD
  3. Your art is stunning, I saw the Valkyrie on Instagram, they look so gooood. Love these fully rendered pieces.
  4. Just took a look through your art and it's absolutely stunning, I love your style and characters. They look so great!!
  5. Ornstein

    Art Dump

    Thank you! I will most definitely upload more once I have more to show. I'll check your art out as well. 😄
  6. Ornstein

    Art Dump

    Been around TalonRO for a bit now, even though I'm still a Newbie considered by standarts (I'm very new to RO in general and only started last year... And began playing it properly about 2 to 3 months ago). In RO all the characters I play are based on characters I draw... So here. :')
  7. Heyy, I'm pretty new to RO, both the game and the forums and after finally gathering my confidence I think I'm ready to open commissions for the first time! For now I'll only open two type of commissions, considering I'm the most comfortable with those and depending on how well they do I might open others as well. 😄 Also, here are some rules: - I will make a sketch first, depending on if you like it/or it needs changes I will proceed to colouring and shading! Unless you want it to be a full surprise of course haha. - I prefer payment to be done after I've done a sketch, I've had scam in the past and I prefer it to be done this way. - While I will try to finish the commissions between 1-2 weeks, I'm currently in a period where I have my final exams so it can take a bit longer. But overall these drawings are alright for me to do. - For the fullbodies, I might add a simple background (not like an entire city or so, but like a colour, perhaps tiny Porings, etc). - Since I'm still super new to this, prices can be negotiated. Prices: 1 Coloured Fullbody: 30 Mil Zenny/30 Talon Coins Adding another character or another pose to the mix adds: 15 Mil zenny/15 Talon Coins Black/White Sketch (includes simple background if wanted) of 1 Character: 10 Mil zenny/10 Talon Coins Adding another character or another pose to the mix adds: 5 Mil zenny/5 Talon Coins Items that I want and can give a discount (depending on how much the item is worth): - Angeling Egg - Elven Ears (I technically need 2 for now) - Poring Hat - Bat Scarf Costume - Evil Wing Headgear (not the ears, the hairband) - Angel Wing Headgear (not the ears, the hairband) - Muramasa Examples: Sketch Examples: At the moment I will only take 3 commissions (this is so I can manage things easier): 1. Open 2. Open 3. Open Waiting List is open if needed.
  8. So, after I did a lot of work to get my RO to work properly with the help of some amazing people, I learned that many people struggle to keep TalonRO playable with McAfee installed at the same time. Many people either have to deinstall McAfee or disable it whenever they start the game. But thanks to my amazing dad, I managed to find a workaround for this. If you're a person who wants to continue playing TalonRO but don't want to de-install/disable McAfee here is what I did to make that work. Excuse my Dutch McAfee, I'll try to translate it all as best as I can: Upon opening McAfee you'll see this screen (if yours is up to date, but it should be pretty similar to older versions as well, also excuse the white area, it is for privacy reasons). Go to options, the red circle show where to find this. Now this list will open up. And there are two things you need to do for it to properly work with McAfee. First you'd want to go to "Realtime Scanning", which is the third option, press this. Upon opening it you'll see this screen. Here you can put all your files that you want to get an exception when it comes down to scanning your PC. At the bottom you have two options, either to delete on or add a file. Upon adding a file there are 2 files you want to add. I think you'll be fine with only adding the Talonexe.exe overall since that is the file it keeps trying to delete, but just to be save also add the TalonPatch.Exe in it, I added 2 more because I was still figuring things out. If McAfee (which I doubt) still deletes it, try to add lua.exe and Init.exe as well. Now those files are added we can get to the next step! Go to your settings again and this time around click on the Firewall (the 4th option, with the fire-shield emblem). Once again, excuse my Dutch App, but I'll try to explain it as best as I can from here. There are about 8 tabs in here, but there is only one you need which is the 4th, roughly translated to: Internet Connections for Programs. Upon opening said tab you'll see a page of programs that McAfee makes exceptions for when it comes to scanning them for Malware once they connect to the Internet. As we all know RO is a game that requires Internet connection so it will automatically be scanned. There are 3 options down which is "to add", "edit" or "delete" files. Add your "Talonexe.exe" file and you'll be taken to a new screen (I'll use another app dgvoodoopl.exe as an example, but for all it's the same): The first option is fine, it basically says that this app has permission to use incoming and out-going (not sure if that's the word?) Internet connections. Keep this the way it is. Scroll down and you'll find the option: Net Guard. This is always on by Default, but for Talonexe.exe make sure that you put this on "off". Lastly save you options and you're good to go! This should prevent McAfee from suddenly deleting your TalonRO game, hopefully it helped for you. And if there are any questions feel free to ask!
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