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  1. To start the quest , Talk to Scrooge . He will ask you to find Elf Factory Worker Elf Factory Worker is at the East side of the map (3oc) Back to Scrooge , He will ask you to gather materials :- Baphomet Doll Black Cat Doll Little Ghost Doll Munak Doll Osiris Doll Raccoon Doll Rocker Doll Spore Doll Yoyo Doll ( 15 Wrapping Papers , 15 Wrapping Laces ) you doesn't need all of the dolls , ANY one is fine , but Wrapping Papers and Laces are compulsory . ,When you hand in the materials , you will receive random Xmas Gifts (can only submit 1 doll , there will be option given on which dolls you want to give from your inventory) - There's a chance of getting the RARE Sppo Egg - *-* -- Doll exchange are repeatable every 2 hours -- so yuhhh , gett thiss cute egg ~ ! Then , back to Elf Factory Worker and he will ask you to help deliver Xmas Present to the Villagers. Go back to Elf Factory Worker and he will ask you to Find Antonio's Secret Base . There are 3 levels of the factory , doesn't matter which level , same spot . Go back to Elf Factory Worker and tell him that you've found the base and you will be transported to a room bla bla bla the talking session ~~ , after you're warped out , talk to Elf Factory Worker and he will ask you to wait 5 minutes . Andddd that's it ! , You'll need Factory Skeleton Key to enter the instance -only party leader can create the instance- p.s - do correct me if i missed anythingg .... Merry Christmas ~
  2. uhuu haii another fellow malaysian @noxeric whatt ,nooo @Naght
  3. Thanks for amazing artsu
  4. hello ! single slot pweaseee
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