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  1. A i m e r

    Shield Boomerang Paladin

    Hi. I'm planning to make a shield boomerang build pally. And was trying builds on tro calc and cards such as bloody knight or porcellio doesn't add any damage to SB which is confusing coz incantation samurai card works but those 2 cards didnt. Is it just an error on the calc? or it really doesnt add any damage? Also, is spamming shield boom the same as spamming double strafe? like max spamming speed is at 185 aspd? Thanks!
  2. A i m e r

    Q>Auto Attack Paladin

    @maetropaawww :3 good thing i asked first, i just realized that part about the no shield paladin. thank you so much ❤️
  3. A i m e r

    Q>Auto Attack Paladin

    Hi. Has anyone ever tried an auto attack paladin? Might be Vamp build or not, i need suggestions on gears and feedbacks if you ever tried it please :3 Thanks!
  4. A i m e r

    B> Many Variant Shoes [0]

    Hi, I'm buying Variant Shoes [0] for 3.5m each pm me here or please mail me ign: A i m e r
  5. A i m e r

    TalonRO's Calculator Project

    Requesting to add malangdo rental items too.
  6. A i m e r

    TalonRO's Calculator Project

    Add malangdo rental equipments please, all of them aren't in the calc yet. Ty!
  7. A i m e r

    Auto casting Kyrie Eleison

    Thanks for the info guys. That was actually a bummer, specially the 2sec delay. Thought it would be a game changer if the delay wont last a sec actually. THANK YOU! ❤️
  8. A i m e r

    Auto casting Kyrie Eleison

    I was wondering if using Amon Ra Card or Advanced Safety Ring [1] that auto casts kyrie eleison, interrupts when im casting skills. For example i'd use them for an LK, everytime KE procs as i'm spamming bowling bash, is it gonna cut my casting? if yes, for how long is the delay when it casts? And also, when a KE buff is still active, is it possible that it will proc again even with the KE buff still on? Thanks!
  9. A i m e r

    Malangdo Rentals on TalonRO Calc

    Hi add malangdo rental equips in the calculator too pls, thanks!
  10. A i m e r

    S> Unusual Cards and level 8 cookbook

    Hi! cloud hermit card - 300k IGN: Sphintus -
  11. A i m e r

    Duo WERPA Leech

    I'd like to buy your leech :3 How much would a 85 to 99 NT package leech cost?
  12. A i m e r

    Khrei's Leech Service

    I'd like to buy a low level leech ples :3
  13. A i m e r

    S>WS Equips

    +4 Drooping Permeter [Vanberk] Machoman Glasses [STR] [Vanberk] +4 Meteor Plate [Garm] [4def] +4 Thorn Shield [Penomena] +4 Mjolnir [DopBaphoKiel] +8 Pauldron [Deviling] Horn of the Buffalo [High Priest] Pm/comment here or mail ign: James Bay