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  1. Powernugget

    Thief Class Rental Dagger

    was about to post something like this but i decided to look around to see if there was another sugestion. yeah i totally agree,thief/rogue/stalker need a dagger rental weapon,as it is we are forced to choose a bow. nothing against bows but some people like myself may prefer to go full melee and not just the bb cookie cutter build everyone goes with. would love to hear some response on this. thanks
  2. thanks for the replies folks. yeah i let my greed for new gear take over me so i got a +7 Sniping Suit carded with a porcello card hehe,price seemed to good to pass up. Left with no funds at the moment but i trust the rng gods,about the sting map...Yeah i totally forgot about that place. truth be told i never tried that map back when i was on offiicial servers so no idea how to get there but when i login later ill find out how to get there and ill give it a try,those drops seem to good to pass up on. And oh boy the GEC shoes sure were a gamechanger,sure wish there was another way to keybind DS thou,it's getting tiresome to use it over and over,putting a strain on my wrist to be honest lol. Tried the Q1 thing so i could use my right mouse but meh it just didnt feel good. Thanks for the replies folks,wish me luck at the sting map today *prays to the rng gods* cheers
  3. first of all kudos on the guide,it has become my bible and i have it bookmarked so i can check up on it everyday. this is me at the moment: ok so it's not perfect but it's getting there,recently new to the server so i dont think im in to bad of shape. well anyway,was thinking about what to get next but i can't seem to decide,here are a couple of options i have counting with the funds i have at the moment: -+7 elven bow with Archer Skeleton Card and still have enough z's for a Sniping Suit [1] ,well kinda hehe - Dragon manteau + Sniping Suit with no cards for now,will get them when i can afford them i dont know i just cant decide on what to get next,getting a weapon does seem like the smart choice i mean my rental will run out and i dont know when ill be able to get more coins to rent one. well anyway,would apreciate some advice on this,thanks. cheers
  4. Powernugget

    No rental dagger for Thief/Rogue?

    thanks for the info,will head to malangdo now and check out what they have. cheers
  5. so today i was in the need of a break from my sader and my sniper so i decided to make a thief. Looks fun and it seems a good choice for melee,so once i got some quests done and went thru with the job change to thief i took a look at the rental weapons. Well there isnt anything for me it seems,im either stuck with using a bow or if i want a melee weapon the less worst one is the Refined Cutlus but yeah that is a sword so im unable to use my double atack skill. am i missing something or this is the way it is?
  6. Powernugget

    B> Mats for Ship Captain Hat

    thanks again
  7. Powernugget

    B> Mats for Ship Captain Hat

    my ign is Jacques the Gorgeous thank you very much
  8. Powernugget

    B> Mats for Ship Captain Hat

    I need to mats to make a Ship Captain Hat for my sniper. Buying 20 evil horn or Antlers,would hunt for the evil horns myself but my level is to low and my gear isnt really that good,died twice in the forest laberynth. Also need to buy 5 soft silk and 1 romantic gent. If you have any of those i would really apreciate it if you left your name. thank you
  9. Powernugget

    Rate your leecher!

    1. Date of leech: 22 08 2018 2. Name of leecher: Lady Venus and invoker 3. Price and Duration: 7 TC and 1 million - 1hour and change 4. Map of Leech: thor 5. Experience Gained: 91 to 99 NT 6. Friendliness: 5 7. Professionalism: 5 8. Effectiveness: 5 9. Would you recommend this leecher to others?: yep you bet 10. Do you feel like it was worth your time/money?: yes 11. Additional comments: real friendly couple,they provided foods and drinks and the xp gear that i needed.
  10. Powernugget

    Some help with my GC Sader.

    now now guys come on no more arguing. i just ended up going with vit because ive always been into tanky characters in all the mmos i played. saving up my talon coins at the moment,got 2 close to 3 hehe,i know its not much but i had to sell one so i could get some gear. so far the rng gods havent smiled upon me,you would think they would throw me a bone i mean i have a mother in law so karma dictates i should have had some good drops just to balance it out hahaha. anyway,thanks all for the help,much apreciated.
  11. Powernugget

    Some help with my GC Sader.

    i changed my stars around a bit and i seem to be doing better. question about talon coins,have 2 saved up and ill keep on voting so i can get some more,any advice on what to get with them talon coins? ive read a bit on skills for gc and some guides say to get auto guard but others say that i shouldnt since it makes me miss on gc hits so not sure if i should get it or not. cheers and thanks again for all the replies folks
  12. Powernugget

    Some help with my GC Sader.

    thanks for the reply and the useful info. atached a screenie of what my stats and gear look at the moment,think i have may gone a bit overboard with int. still leveling at gh prison,tried the map with ray's but the mob density didnt seem good at the time so i went back to the prison. cheers
  13. Powernugget

    Vending,am i doing something wrong?

    thanks. didnt know about this new ''offline'' system''.
  14. hey there fellow ragnarok players. ive encountered some errors while trying to use my merchant to vendor. -unidentified item and non permitted characters. when i try to set up shot i get these mesages all the time,items are identified and i dont name my shop anything weird nor use foul language. sure takes a while to set up shop,finish posting my items and wam bam thank you maam i get either 1 of these messages and im off to start again. -shop closed dont know why but once i can open shop and leave the pc for 5 minutes i come back and my merchant is back at the room with the stat/skill reset npc. im an avid mmo player so i know my net conection is solid,maayyybe one dc a day but with my merchant this has happened every single time i try to leave a shop open. hope there is a solution for this because to be honest without a shop there is little reason to keep on playing,would be stuck with the same crappy gear since i cant sell my wares or have to spend all day using !market. would apreciate a response on this, thank you very much and have a nice day
  15. Powernugget

    Some help with my GC Sader.

    thanks for the advice. leveling at gh prison at the moment,slow but steady even thou i barely break even when it comes to meat and wings hehe cheers