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  1. was about to post something like this but i decided to look around to see if there was another sugestion. yeah i totally agree,thief/rogue/stalker need a dagger rental weapon,as it is we are forced to choose a bow. nothing against bows but some people like myself may prefer to go full melee and not just the bb cookie cutter build everyone goes with. would love to hear some response on this. thanks
  2. hiya folks. well i just recently started in this server,since im Spain i just found out im blocked out of official ragnarok servers i was in,oh well that is life ,right? anyway,after trying out some classes ive decided to make my gc crusader my main for now,it was my first character back in the day but that was a long long time ago hehe. could use some advice on some things,so here it goes: -stat wise,i read some guides but i deviated a bit from them and went with what felt good,any changes you would recommend or am i ok the way it is? -gear wise,well i just started fresh here so im really low on funds. was lucky to win a bingo so i got a talon coin,sold it and been using that to buy meat,wings,etc. only got like 500ks left,anything i could buy with that? i know its not much but every little bit will help. -leveling places and farming ive been over at the 3rd floor of payon and 2nd floor of orc dungeon,not been really lucky with drops but been getting a steady flow of stuff i can vendor to make up from some of my expenses of meat and what not. any recommendation on where to go would be much apreciated. thats about it,thanks in advance for the replies,you folks have a nice day. p.s. posted a screenie so you can see my stats and gear.
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