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  1. Right @GM Boreas, sorry i'm writing while sleepy
  2. Hi GM teams, I guess rate for TC need back again. TC is control for market price. I hope rate back again like before and make people contribute more for vote. Anyway, why rate for TC turn off?
  3. Hello Highers GM, Can i suggest for update panel database? Because some costume especially new costume cant find on market panel or storage panel. Why we need it? We hard to selling new costume, because for buyer costume we check base on market panel. Thanks <3 And have a good day :3
  4. I guess 80, because DG quest minimum level 80
  5. Hi GM ^^ I saw alot reference video tutorial for brewing on ragnarok on youtube. And i saw can brewing while open storage like this video; Can Talon Implemented too? Thanks
  6. Hello how much you want?
  7. Hi sir @GM Boreas, Do you mean, npc beside weapon shop? I guess Brewer need around kafra. And on that position i have bad experience someone trolling, like using basilica when we brew. 😒
  8. Hi, GM can i suggest for brewing area? I mean give alchemy npc in some quite area, like prontera culvert, alberta top kafra (alberta 11 o’clock), sunken ship, etc. Maybe this will reduce noisy from brewing. Thaanks
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