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  1. Nariel

    Accessoires for SN

    Too bad about the Emblems, but as far as I know SN can't wear Gloves? Yea I currently have 1m, so far away from all that stuff, I just hoped to find a useful alternative to novice armlet and clip Oh yea I intended to use Imp and Siroma cards, thats what I ask for.
  2. Nariel

    Accessoires for SN

    Hiho everyone, I started a week or something ago on this Server. I did not play RO for almost 10 years and had a lot of fun as SN back on euRO, thats why my first char is a SN again(Caster Type). Now my question is the Accessoires for SN, I would prefer to use Accessoires that every class can use to maybe use it on other chars and for resale value. Now I looked at the TalonRO ItemDB for Accessoires besides Clip and Novice Armlet. There are Accessoires like "Copper, Bronze, Gold and Diamond Emblem[1]", does someone know if that items are ingame, and yes how to get them? Or does anyone else have a suggestion? (Besides brisingamen which I will not be able to afford in months)