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  1. Good people, is reset still active after Iduna update? Asking beacause many hours of attempts are waisted ( I did it before the update with no problem). Update: yes, everythinh is still working. Seems many hours were just not enough)
  2. What if you (Server addministration) adopt solving captcha for some third party website. I know that there are websites paying for solving captcha. Pretty much the same as we did before. But at this time this simple action will be monetized for your (TalonRO) benefits ~ small but consistent profit. There is no need to hide that talonRO get paid by community efforts. Me and I belive other will gladly do it for server flourishing and ofc for talon cash, hehe)
  3. Hello everybody. That is nice that free talon cash has returned. However the new system requires acces to PC and to the game itself, while me and prbbly a lot of people do not have this chance every day. I used to vote on my phone while I am on my way or at work, or out of the city, or on vacation and not willing to play. But now we are tied to the PC, what in my opinion is not a good thing in a long term. Are there any ideas to add a system "on the go". I mean using mobile phone, without necessity to use the game client? Thanks for consieration.
  4. Th33nd

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    Pretty average stats.. Just for statistics)
  5. Hello. Interested in 4 seals for SN item. Send price please -_-
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