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  1. I don't think any party can handle being mobbed by a bunch of LKs and a bunch of guardians (and sallies) who have 200++ ASPD because 2hq works weirdly now. lol
  2. AG.

    Convex Mirror

    It's honestly really more about having more to spend Merit Badges on. I think something that makes hunting small MVPs a bit more convenient is a good thing to spend that on, and "whoever gets there first" is much more engaging than "whoever TPs to it first", imo. Like, I think it'd make a good difference on the gap between when you start DPSing (If it isn't a one-shot MVP like Eddga, Phree, Garm etc.) and when the comp arrives, which actually gives competition more chances of actually being able to catch up instead of them still TPing around trying to look for the MVP while you already whittled the MVP down to 1/2 health.
  3. AG.

    Convex Mirror

    Eh? Why not? MVPs being on a "whoever first finds it" basis is kinda lame.
  4. AG.

    Convex Mirror

    I think this item will make hunting MVPs and MVP competitions less about finding the MVP first and will shake up the meta. Could be nice to be exchanged for Eden badges, valk coins, or even a rental version would be neat, I guess. https://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=item_db&item_id=12214
  5. :disgust: emote for people who try to lewd the Pope. It's the Kafra girl Alty!
  6. AG.

    Deviling Pet

    Deviling egg loyal bonus is pretty underwhelming. Wouldn't it be nice for it to have +2% ATK/ATK to Shadow Property monsters, and +2% shadow resist like Sppo on Water and Zhu Pu Long on Earth?
  7. I realized we were missing some essential emotes. :uwu: :owo: :whatsthis: :ahegao: :dab:
  8. AG.

    BG Costumes

    The costumes being able to be transferred through Lutie's Event Item Machine seems reasonable, though, doesn't it?
  9. AG.

    Store All

    Would it be possible for this to be re-implemented. While we do have alt + right-clicking now for faster storage, I don't think it'd be very good for mouse longevity.
  10. With the new update making partying on the same game account impossible, it made certain things a lot more inconvenient. So to circumvent this, would it be possible, even through a support ticket, to move characters in-between game accounts? Since there are characters that were made before this took effect making it impossible to plan ahead of time, this would be a nice way to fix those inconveniences.
  11. IGN: Unit IIDA GM Challenges:
  12. IGN: Cespoirs Let's try to get the Pope into the loading screen Part II! I made two this time! Entry# 1: Challenges: GM Lance Challenge () - Gloom Under Night onesie worn by the Pope ✔ GM Mikzie Challenge () - TamTam wearing the skin of a Beholder Master ✔ GM Radius Challenge () - There are more than 7 pumpkins ✔ Entry #2: Challenges: GM Lance Challenge () - Gloom Under Night onesie worn by the Pope ✔ GM Mikzie Challenge () - TamTam disguised as a Disguise ✔ GM Creed Challenge () - Jakk's head! ✔ GM Radius Challenge () - There are more than 7 pumpkins ✔ GM Haru Challenge () - TamTam wearing a Red Waving Winter Scarf ✔ GM Xing Challenge () - Lude, Disguise (TamTam), Hyzoloist, Quve ✔
  13. AG.

    Talon Cash Display

    Some people like seeing their Talon Cash outside town maps, though. Like in TamTam Maps.
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