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  1. IGN: Cespoirs Let's try to get the Pope into the loading screen Part II! I made two this time! Entry# 1: Challenges: GM Lance Challenge () - Gloom Under Night onesie worn by the Pope ✔ GM Mikzie Challenge () - TamTam wearing the skin of a Beholder Master ✔ GM Radius Challenge () - There are more than 7 pumpkins ✔ Entry #2: Challenges: GM Lance Challenge () - Gloom Under Night onesie worn by the Pope ✔ GM Mikzie Challenge () - TamTam disguised as a Disguise ✔ GM Creed Challenge () - Jakk's head! ✔ GM Radius Challenge () - There are more than 7 pumpkins ✔ GM Haru Challenge () - TamTam wearing a Red Waving Winter Scarf ✔ GM Xing Challenge () - Lude, Disguise (TamTam), Hyzoloist, Quve ✔
  2. AG.

    Talon Cash Display

    Some people like seeing their Talon Cash outside town maps, though. Like in TamTam Maps.
  3. AG.

    Talon Cash Display

    Would it be possible to add a command that displays how much Talon Cash you have?
  4. A backlog of a maximum of 3 days might be a good idea, I think.
  5. AG.

    Talon Cash

    The name "Talon Cash" is simply way too confusing. Calling it "Talon Bucks" would differentiate it further from "Talon Coin" because their acronyms would be different. And calling it Talon Bucks would mean we could call it Tbucks which is cool. Here's an example of how confusing it is. This almost happens in a daily basis with different people, too!:
  6. AG.

    Bring Back the Bell!

    It seems like post-Iduna, recruiting a party using the "Party Recruitment" window would ring a bell that's audible to all players. This was really useful in waking up Bingo AFKers so I think it would be a good idea to bring back this feature.
  7. Be patient. You'll get what's coming to ya.
  8. IGN: Cespoirs Everyone spends their summer vacation not going to the beach.
  9. Unique account-bound costumes?
  10. I guess if it's come to this, it's time I spill my secret. Well, this is only one way to avoid the burnout of farming, but with this, I managed to farm Geffenia for 8 hours straight (~20 episodes of Mushishi) one time. Well, I could only do that because I enjoyed my "external motivation".
  11. Low risk, high reward = Event lootboxes Can't invest your 300m on those, though, so I guess it's useless advice. I think having a Geffenia farmer is the most stable you can get.
  12. It's 2 hours late, but let's all wish good health for the Pope of Freya! /okA3DBB38B-51AA-4DC7-883F-1B5A3170F676.thumb.jpeg.8ea364c9aaefbbf6e4c88d832d0fbdb0.jpeg

  13. AG.

    More doctors

    There are so many save points in the game but a lot of them are not very good as save points because there are no doctors nearby. I feel like my Champ's being a nuisance in most places spamming Dangerous Collect, Critical Explosion, and Warping, but she has no choice because the save points with doctors are so populated. I really feel like making more save points more viable with doctors and maybe even warp girls will open up a bunch of new possibilities. An example of a scenic save point in Lighthalzen. It is bad as an actual save point because of the lack of doctors nearby.
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