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  1. IGN: petb Description: The Pope threatening to activate a personal safety buzzer. I made this specifically for @Brandon T1691 Emoji: 👮‍♀️ Sticker: Description: "Huh? You'd actually use cheats on a private server of a MMORPG from the early 2000s just to see the Pope again? I can't believe they let a filthy lolicon like you still play the game." Emoji: Sticker: IGN: petb Description: Zhed making a Jojo reference. Emoji: Sticker:
  2. IGN: petb Pope island vacation Bigger version:
  3. IGN: Unit MERURUN GM Challenges: GM Blackstar Challenge: UNTO! (2x TC) Include any 2 plot characters involved in the SQI quest story line Literally Everyone GM Phoenix Challenge: Love for Cutscenes (2x TC) Recreate any cut scene from the SQI Instances or SQI Quest with your loading screen This super long cutscene before the Valheim instance GM Seiren Challenge: Landscape Mode (2x TC) Include some of the new maps (i.e. Dimensional Gap, Vanaheim, Juperos, etc.) This meeting room thing lol Rough Draft, Sketch, Lineart, something: Entry #1:
  4. IGN: petb Orc Zombie Zombie Orc home is infested by AFKemists and their homunculi. I want those AFKemists to learn, when a card eventually drops after they massacre thousand of orc zombies, the pain of an Orc Zombie's existence. Orc Lord This is a reference to that scene in Full Metal Alchemist. I wanted to make a meme template out of Orc Lord and Orc Hero, but we're not doing Orc Hero anyway, and I got very busy and tired recently. 🙏 Here's a meme I made please enjoy!
  5. Good! Now the Pope is on all 4 seasonal loading screens!
  6. IGN: Unit Finder01 Ah! I made it with barely just an hour left! I thought everyone would do a theme around flower viewing but now I feel so betrayed. This one has lots of characters in it including the Pope! Hiding behind the tree is the heroic spirit of Easter with a basket of easter eggs (?). GM Challenges: 🌸GM Haziel Challenge - Grind All Night Long ()🌸 - Deviling, Angeling, Both variats of Skeggiolds, Evil Snake Lord? 🌸GM Xing Challenge - Party Crasher ()🌸 - Well, they're barefoot and showing their belly buttons, does that count? 🌸GM Lance Challenge - Land of the Rising Sun ()🌸 - It's hanami of course there's cherry blossoms. This one is just the Pope, but there's a Laphine (Yube) in it because Eclage. Also, I don't know if Lance will recognize this map but I based it on Dark Randgris' Map, so yeah it's doubly topical! GM Challenges: 🌸GM Haziel Challenge - Grind All Night Long ()🌸 - Gloom Under Night Doll on the lower right corner 🌸GM Alisa Challenge - Spring is Where the Magic Happens ()🌸 - Laphines are fairies? 🌸GM Blackstar Challenge - Bundle of Love ()🌸 - Red and Blue Camellias! (Guess what they represent!)
  7. IGN: Cespoirs Let's try to get the Pope into the loading screen Part II! I made two this time! Entry# 1: Challenges: GM Lance Challenge () - Gloom Under Night onesie worn by the Pope ✔ GM Mikzie Challenge () - TamTam wearing the skin of a Beholder Master ✔ GM Radius Challenge () - There are more than 7 pumpkins ✔ Entry #2: Challenges: GM Lance Challenge () - Gloom Under Night onesie worn by the Pope ✔ GM Mikzie Challenge () - TamTam disguised as a Disguise ✔ GM Creed Challenge () - Jakk's head! ✔ GM Radius Challenge () - There are more than 7 pumpkins ✔ GM Haru Challenge () - TamTam wearing a Red Waving Winter Scarf ✔ GM Xing Challenge () - Lude, Disguise (TamTam), Hyzoloist, Quve ✔
  8. IGN: Cespoirs Everyone spends their summer vacation not going to the beach.
  9. It's 2 hours late, but let's all wish good health for the Pope of Freya! /okA3DBB38B-51AA-4DC7-883F-1B5A3170F676.thumb.jpeg.8ea364c9aaefbbf6e4c88d832d0fbdb0.jpeg

  10. Things have been getting more and more bizarre lately...

    Besides that really weird situation with Niflheim, I got a really interesting visitor in Sky Garden.


    It was the Pope... or at least her doppelganger. She ran around the room while doing emotes. She even healed me for 33k which was really bizarre! Was the Pope really this powerful!?


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    2. AG.


      The Pope's evil twin is still encased in ice, I think. And he's a boy... and not really that evil, I think...

      Also, as expected of the Pope's twin, he's a real cutie!


    3. DoucheEnrique


      No twin of Pope-chan could ever be evil. For Pope-chan it would be good twin and slightly less good twin >:U

    4. DeliciousGreenApple


      Sign me up for an evil pope😈

  11. who did this!?


    ?width=256&version=2361467           ?width=256&version=2361467        ?width=256&version=2361467

  12. Been farming Geffenia for months, but I've never noticed this huge tower in the middle til now.


    1. DeliciousGreenApple


      Wonder what would happen if it got destroyed....🤪

    2. PrideFries


      i think thats a disco ball.

  13. I know people like Seiren x Howl more, but would you welcome a Seiren x Boreas novel too? Also, a yuri novel is fair game, right? EDIT: I guess I couldn't get Seiren's permission... and Boreas will probably kill me again if I asked, so I scrapped the whole thing. Instead, I wrote this thing which is part of a bigger story. I wrote it like a light novel because I misread "love novel" . I tried my best to make it work despite it being part of a larger story, so I hope everyone has as much fun reading it as I did writing it. If for some reason you want to read more of the characters, here's the 8k word draft (mostly unedited) which was basically made with the reader having no knowledge of RO (kinda) in mind. IGN: Cespoirs Synopsis: After a certain incident, students from Seiren Girls' Academy went missing. The amnesiac Miyu Satō (佐藤みゆ Satou Miyu), a third-year from the academy, finds herself in a strange city called "Prontera". Along with her is the second year, Arisa Onoe (尾上有紗 Onoe Arisa). After finding out that they can't return to their original world, the two embark on an ambitious journey in search of wealth and power to make the most of their situation. Genre: Action, Fantasy, Game, Magic, Supernatural, Yuri, Dementia, Romance, Isekai Challenges: GM Neza - Include a prologue and an epilogue. + 3 TC GM Seiren - Include a nemesis. + 3 TC Total Word Count: 2,500
  14. This is winter/snow-themed. We totally should have this song.:
  15. screenTalonRO081.thumb.jpg.8c5185c467f7e854117c763c621156d2.jpg

    I'm finally back to where I belong! /sob

  16. TTT.jpg.804e13f0141e3eeb77dbdbc97a6dcfd3.jpg

    Crappy photo of TTT (Time Trial Thugs) completing Time Trial for the 2nd time because we forgot to take a photo of the first time. Pictured above from left to right: Tears, Skeggiold, Arc Angeling, Pride, Angeling, Skeggiold, the kid who gives out disproportionate rewards, Deviling pet for sale (PM me), Eschenfrau, Cespoirs, White Pork.


    Also, this is the map I drew up while doing this, it doesn't make sense with my bizarre mouse-writing, so figure it out yourselves, I guess. Some marks like 3 is actually slightly misplaced. lol:


  17. In-game Name: Cespoirs GM Challenges: ❄️ GM Mikzie - "Candy-coon" - Incorporate the peppermint candy or candy cane pattern on TamTam +1 Tam Tam is holding a box of Candy Canes. (Does this count?) ❄️ GM Radius - Include at least a pair of socks. + 1 Does the Pope's white tights work? fter a week of hardwork, I've finally finished it. I don't do art much, so this took a while, and I probably made some goof-ups I don't even realize, but this is the thing I made to get the Pope in the loading or log-in screens! Originally, the glow, and the white border thingy wasn't as strong, but I made it look as cold as possible because it doesn't really snow in Arunafeltz, and it'd be a nice new experience for the Pope. The hat the blue-haired Creator is wearing is actually a Christmas variation of the Ashura Fairy Hat. There's no Gloom Under Night doll in-game, but I think it'd be a nice gift to the Pope. Tam Tam's right there standing menacingly next to the pope, and if you've got a good eye, you'll notice that he's standing there menacingly because that box is actually a Dead Branch Box, and those candy canes are more than meets the eye! The gifts themselves are probably safe. I based them off the gift boxes found in game. The bag the Creator is holding probably contains nothing good, since it doesn't seem to be opened. Happy holidays, everyone!
  18. 4285.gif.png.a69cc4b08a763acfdb1c186c238514fb.pngMemo#1 - Choco Card

    How cuTe! /lv

    1. DoucheEnrique


      So you endorse stealing from poor merchants? /hmm

  19. Does this mean we should include TamTam in the piece? Is putting just the logo with TamTam on it fine as well?
  20. I finally got this to work, but I still don't know what these things are...


    1. DoucheEnrique


      Sexy time in Aldebaran :D

    2. PrideFries


      what in the actual f are those lol

  21. ENTRY #1 Name: Voidring Appearance: (WIP) Drops: Would be nice if it didn't drop anything, and just have Greed or something fitting in with the whole void theme and all, but if it really needs to have drops.: #7511 - Rune of the Darkness #6089 - Piece of Darkness #7023 - Blade of Darkness #7799 - Crystal of Darkness #7798 - Fragment of Darkness #7340 - Will of the Darkness #7566 - Will of Red Darkness (Isn't this just a Crimson Beherit?) #5369 - Wing of Darkness #14324 - Staff of Darkness Box Backstory: A super edgy Poring. Voidrings are Porings that managed to escape Yggdrasil and consume the corpse (black hole) of a dead god (like Sol the sun), granting them the ability to absorb almost anything into its nothingness. Despite its body being extremely dense, it's just as soft as other Porings. ENTRY #2 Name: Mercenaring Appearance: A regular Poring with battle scars, an eyepatch, and a bandanna. (Art pending) Drops: #12162 - Archer Mercenary Summon Scroll Level 10 #12172 - Swordsman Mercenary Summon Scroll Level 10 #12182 - Spearman Mercenary Summon Scroll Level 10 #12243 - Mercenary Berserk Potion #12184 - Mercenary's Red Potion #12185 - Mercenary's Blue Potion Backstory: A battle-hardened survivor from the Great Poring War. The scars in its body is proof of all the Poring death, and Poring violence it has seen in its lifetime. Its softness is something only experience can bring. ENTRY #3 Ahh. I’m very sorry, @bassbuzz! I didn’t realize you had this idea already. This idea came to me in a dream, so I hurriedly made a mock sprite immediately after waking up, and before coming to work. I humbly apologize once again. m(_ _)m Name: Cubering/Boxring Appearance: Drops: #644 - Gift Box #8901 - Chiqita's Jewelry Box #617 - Old Purple Box #603 - Old Blue Box #8815 - Old Orange Box #12106 - Jewelry Box Backstory: This Poring loves to collect boxes. Its obsession with boxes made it less round, and more angular. Shouldn't this be called a Pocube? ENTRY #3 Name: Skullring Appearance: Drops: #2609 - Skull Ring (It'd be silly if it didn't drop this.) #2715 - Skull Ring[1] #2763 - Neo Skull Ring #1615 - Evil Bone Wand #1624 - Lich's Bone Wand #678 - Poison Bottle #13973 - Poison Bottle Box #7420 - Skull Backstory: Porings that consume too much of the dark arts have their flesh stripped off. Of course, Porings don't actually have bones, so it's still as soft as regular Porings. ENTRY #4 Name: Murdering Appearance: Drops: #6247 - White Powder #7219 - Striped Sock #7049 - Stone #1363 - Bloody Axe #12103 - Bloody Branch Backstory: A spooky Poring. This Poring's obsession with white powder has caused it to become mentally unstable. It focuses on strange blocks inside its mind, and goes on a murderous rampage when it fails to do so. It's a treasure Poring, though, so it'll probably be defeated easily anyway. The viscosity of the gooey red fluid flowing from the top of its head complements its softness very well. Strangely fond of rabbits. ゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴENTRY #5 ゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴ [NAME]: 「BIZARRING」 Appearance: Drops: #5086 - Alarm Mask #14572 - Holy Marble #20590 - Ancient Card Album #14328 - Bow of Evil Box #20157 - Elven Arrow Quiver #628 - Well-Dried Bone Backstory: As an infant, Poring Postar's mother died in a carriage accident. That same accident indirectly brought Drops Drondo into his life, because Dropo, Drops's father, unwittingly saved Poring's father while he was preparing to steal from the wrecked carriage. Twelve years later, Dropo apparently died of illness and Drops went to live amongst the Postars. Drops, despite Poring trying to be friends with him, would become his nemesis both as a childhood rival and as an undead enemy. At the young age of 12, when Drops came into his life, he meets and falls in love with Magiring Porington, but Drops shatters this relationship for a considerable time through his evil ways, by kissing Magiring and boasting about it. "My softness has no weaknesses!" -Bizarring ENTRY #6 Name: Popering Appearance: Drops: #12280 - Holy Elemental Scroll #14540 - Scroll of Holy Armor #13584 - Blessing Scroll Box (10) #13588 - Assumptio Scroll Box (10) #13542 - Magnificat Scroll Box (10) #2513 - Heavenly Maiden Robe[1] #18673 - Pope Doll Hat[1] #12379 - Pope Cookies (Can this be a thing?) Backstory: A cute poring. It is said that porings born in the image of the goddess Freya are blessed with holiness... and extra softness! IGN: Cespoirs
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