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  1. Ign: DoubleEdgedArrow Class: Sniper Ign: FullHearts* Class: HP
  2. Thanks to GM Lance and Events team. Was fun!
  3. Key Prerequisites: Party Leader to carry 1 Shining Diamond All party members to have talked 3 mins with NPCs in the Enchanted Village. Start with Santa, 3rd option. Then Benjamin (the Yuno Scholar near the West portal) -> Santa -> Benjamin -> Santa -> Benjamin -> Santa -> Adriano (just outside the Casino, 8 oclock of map, choose to interrogate him) -> Santa -> Adriano -> Santa -> Adriano -> Santa Walk Through Notes 1F Jailer Floor Walk to the right side to break boxes until you get an announcement that you got a crowbar. As you do this, hug the wall to avoid the jailer. As you walk past santas, the xmas cookies will appear. After you get the crowbar, walk to the left side. Pneuma as you walk by the row of cruisers. Open the MVP room door with your crowbar. Clear the mobs, and tackle the Ifrit-looking MVP. It earthquakes a lot. After you clear the MVP, walk back to the entrance door. The entrance to the 2nd Floor is on the right. You have to click on the "..." 2F Maze Floor Enter Middle Room: UR UL UL UR UR LL LR UR MM - You will get mobbed in all the right rooms. Before entering the final room with MVP, ask SB Champ to wear GTB and get fresh FCP. Mobs or MVP Dispels and break stuff. After clearing the MVP, enter the Left Room, then portals: R M L L R L. After clearing the mobs, reverse back to the entrance. Enter Middle Room, etc until you reach MVP room again. This time, enter the Right Room, then portals: M M L R L M. After clearing the mobs, reverse back to entrance. Enter the right door/portal to the next floor. 3F Puzzle Floor Code: 1R 2B 3G 4Y 5Y 6B 7R 8G 9R 10G 11Y 12B 13B 14Y 15R 16G . Lots of orc-ish mobs . 4F Antonio MVP Floor Cruisers on the walls . Antonio gigafreezes. Seems like Land Protector is needed because that's what the NPC said - to nullify damage from Gigafreeze. And then there's coma from the artillery - similar to Krampus, you end up with 1 HP and 0 SP. There are also cruisers and mobs on this floor at the same time. Mobs - Some Monster Property Snips MVP Monster Property Snips: 3F: Weak to fire About 4M HP 4F: Antonio About 10M HP Rewards Wrapping Papers and Ribbons Antonio's drops? See GM Howl's post. An adventure Video References: AoHaruka's Twitch Comments: I'd welcome contributions. xD
  4. For reference on exact spots: Path 1: Npcs 10, 9, 3 Path 2: Npcs: 4, 1, 6, 5 Path 3: Npcs 7, 8, 2
  5. He's trying to ask for the freedom to create sqi after getting sqi bonus. I think right now, we can either 1. Create sqi ---> get sqi bonus Or 2. Buy/borrow sqi ---> get sqi bonus. We cannot 3. Get sqi bonus -×-> create sqi He wants the 3rd option. I am keen too! As a newbie, would be nice if i can borrow gears, and have the sqi bonus to help in the interesting parties. Earn zeny from party shares. And eventually get the sqi for myself when i have enough zeny. At the same time, I think it is not a big issue. It is not hard to create another char to create that sqi.
  6. I would add that you can exchange Evil Hearts for King's Soul Stones too. It is dropped by regular mobs in the academy. Bring this along when you speak with the npc inside the academy (12 o'clock) and the ferryman. The ferryman will bring you to a trader who might exchange it for this glorious soul stone.
  7. Can we make it such that only 1 char of every forum account can be in Melodia town/places in any given time / every 5 mins? Something like bingo.
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