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    Bonuses Negates SQI creation

    He's trying to ask for the freedom to create sqi after getting sqi bonus. I think right now, we can either 1. Create sqi ---> get sqi bonus Or 2. Buy/borrow sqi ---> get sqi bonus. We cannot 3. Get sqi bonus -×-> create sqi He wants the 3rd option. I am keen too! As a newbie, would be nice if i can borrow gears, and have the sqi bonus to help in the interesting parties. Earn zeny from party shares. And eventually get the sqi for myself when i have enough zeny. At the same time, I think it is not a big issue. It is not hard to create another char to create that sqi.
  2. FullHearts

    Halloween Main House Quest Guide

    I would add that you can exchange Evil Hearts for King's Soul Stones too. It is dropped by regular mobs in the academy. Bring this along when you speak with the npc inside the academy (12 o'clock) and the ferryman. The ferryman will bring you to a trader who might exchange it for this glorious soul stone.
  3. FullHearts

    Halloween | Melodia Haunted Festival

    Can we make it such that only 1 char of every forum account can be in Melodia town/places in any given time / every 5 mins? Something like bingo.
  4. FullHearts


    This was resolved for me. If I remember right, I tried to reset everything to default/factory settings. And then played with the graphics card settings again. Then it worked.
  5. FullHearts


    I have the same problem now! * I have the C++ redistributables 2008 and 2012. * Already tried choosing the 4 graphics card options. * Already tried replacing files with mini-installer: https://forum.talonro.com/troubleshooting/crashing/talonro-doesnt-start-after-clicking-start-it-does-not-even-show-the-anti-cheating-popup-image-r44/ Not sure what else to try now.