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  1. Ign: DoubleEdgedArrow Class: Sniper Ign: FullHearts* Class: HP
  2. Thanks to GM Lance and Events team. Was fun!
  3. He's trying to ask for the freedom to create sqi after getting sqi bonus. I think right now, we can either 1. Create sqi ---> get sqi bonus Or 2. Buy/borrow sqi ---> get sqi bonus. We cannot 3. Get sqi bonus -×-> create sqi He wants the 3rd option. I am keen too! As a newbie, would be nice if i can borrow gears, and have the sqi bonus to help in the interesting parties. Earn zeny from party shares. And eventually get the sqi for myself when i have enough zeny. At the same time, I think it is not a big issue. It is not hard to create another char to create that sqi.
  4. Can we make it such that only 1 char of every forum account can be in Melodia town/places in any given time / every 5 mins? Something like bingo.
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