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  1. Sephael

    Diablos Manteau

    I have created my first Stalker recently. Building him towards Geffenia bow farmer. I have just sold some items and got the money required for Deviling Manteau. However I have no idea where to put it. I want to use it on my LK also. Is going for Diablos Manteau good here? Or should I just stick to dragon combo and go for deviling Dragon manteau?
  2. Sephael

    Auto-attack / Bapho LK query

    Thanks for the reply. Why both though?
  3. Sephael

    Auto-attack / Bapho LK query

    Hey guys, I need another advice. I like auto-attack builds as in my old RO days, SP item were more expensive than white pots and they were used just for PvM/MvP, not for farming. I guess I am nostalgic. I like my BB build with VF and I guess my auto attack build will be a bit less effective, but still want to give it a go. The problem is I am still a new player and my budget is less than 30m for now (still farming), so I need to think carefully when I invest into something. In your opinion which of these two will be superior? Bapho Doppel VF - So I can still kill monsters which dispels and silence. Bapho Sniper Sniper Krasnaya - Full berserk mode ; although it requires much more farming and if I get these items I am alot closer to Vampsmith, which might be superior if I want an auto attack build. Which one would you suggest? Or should I just save the money and go for VampSmith? My main farm targets are Jusperos, Abyss and sometimes Rachel/Abbey.
  4. Sephael

    Need stat and equipment help farming Anolian

    Well. If anyone will wonder in the future - Rental Brocca is the way to go. I don't think you can one shot them without big investment/sqi. You can two shot them with endowed Rental Brocca+Kaho (blessing, peco-peco and 91str required). On top of def piercing Brocca gives +20% to medium size monsters. Which is huge, I tried with Eden Slayer III (200 atk +2%atk, +10% more vs fish monsters) and was always 3-4 shotting them. Brocca enabled me to mob 10-20, instead of 6-7.
  5. Sephael

    Super Novice [Magic] : Mavka Farming Guide

    Do cards like Kaho card work with spells? If yes - wouldn't 2x Kaho give more boost than Necros?
  6. Sephael

    Melee farmer cheap to gear

    Thanks for all the replies. Can you answer my last question? From these four (LK, WS, Stalker, SinX - added ws to the list) who will be the best to go, grab a lot of minions, kill them all with just a kaho and bapho card? I guess LK on berserk, correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. Sephael

    Ragnarok WIN/FAIL topic

    Share your fails (due to lack of Ragnarok knowledge etc.) and best moments (like killing MVP with 10hp, for the first time and dropping a card from it). Let me start wit ha fail: I never knew about +2000 HP bonus from Novice Breastplate, so I levelled 1-99 with ~1000 hp, peaking at 1400 when I discovered Eden's group armor. Everything seems so easy now when I got 5000+
  8. I am choosing between LK, Stalker and SinX. Please answet the questions below, to make my decision easier. 1. Which one do you guys think is the cheapest to gear? 2. Are they all able to farm zenny good pre-trans? (I guess Knight can farm Sleepers, rogue can go anywhere; not sure about Assasins) 3. Which can farm AoE best non geared/when geared? If there is anything that is also a melee farmer and it's cheaper than these three, let me know.
  9. Sephael

    PC >> Crest of the Raider

    also Sting card, Bloody Butterfly card,
  10. As in the topic. I have killed almost 400 Majoruros for quest. That's approx. 1600 normal Minos. Never have I ever seen even two handed axe drop. Only herbs, food, nose rings, ores and an occasional hammer of blacksmith. Do they have lowered rates or am I just unlucky?
  11. I have searched the forum and every guide I have found had Kaho's helm included. I cannot afford it yet. I have spent all my SN life in GHC, mobbing zombies, but it became a bit tedious, since it's hard to mob with all the people here. Now I am sitting at High Orcs/Ice dungeon1, but it is really slow. Do you have any better ideas? Is there any gear which would speed things up, up to 5m zenny? I'm using 99int, rest dex in ice dungeon1, melee/agi caster on HO's.
  12. Sephael

    Raw zenny

    I have been in all the places, but Gonryun (thought I need entrance quest to go in). Gonryun is the best for me. Thanks for the idea howrah
  13. Sephael

    PC - Tail Whip [2]

    Is it worth anything?
  14. Sephael

    Chat box issue

    Some player in game suggested it, however no box shows up when I do it. Is it the same as alt+y? (shows commands like /notrade)
  15. Sephael

    Chat box issue

    Everytime someone PM's me, a new window open. The message is not visible in chat window, even though I ticked show whispers. Everytime I teleport, the message box vanishes and I cannot see the message. How do I fix it? I already reset the client to the 'factory settings' with no success.