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  1. Here I am with another redundant event but I have to share it. I don't expect it to be implemented but I just love the thought of sharing it. I know people like WOE but what they like more are rewards and costumes so I thought of something crazy. Faction Wars! There would be two factions. Lets say for now they are Arunafeltz and Midgard. There would be a backstory that each year they recruit some of their greatest players to compete in the faction wars etc etc but everyone is welcome. How does it work? Well, killing of course! There would be a map where there are Colored Treasure Chest that correspond to each faction. All players have to do is destroy them. The loot would be badges or tokens which can be traded after the war for costumes or boxes! The problem is, the map is a P.K zone. Where the opposing factions kill the other. Now what would stop people from just focusing on the chests and not killing each other is what i haven't figured out yet. Maybe if all the treasure chests of the faction gets destroyed the NPC trading the costume would sell them for double the price or something. There could even be random monster that can drop power ups which can only be used in that map. The match would only end if the timer expires or all of the treasure boxes of one faction are destroyed. Rewards I think that its a badge/token system whenever a treasure chest is destroyed it will drop a badge/token and they can be exchanged for a costume box. Merchs! You can have faction headgears, faction colored scarves faction weapons faction mascots anything that can sprung out the imagination. Why I think it's a bad idea Logistics, Plus it's kinda of a huge event. I don't know if people would even participate plus there are lots of factors to consider. Plus I think there are similar events like this already and it's kinda like battlegrounds already. Why I think it's a good idea It's a bad idea XD. But it's fun and a bit of competition can liven up a day.
  2. Name: Luckyring Color: Radiant Yellow with sparkles and wearing a dice hat Drops may include but not limited to: Gift Box(644) Old Blue Box(603) Old Purple Box(20568) Old Card Album(616) Ancient Card Album (20590) Chiquita's Jewelry Box(8901) Bloody Branch(12103) plus 100% drop of Four leaf clover(706) Backstory: The Goddess of fortune has blessed this treasure poring. This poring often delights with items that involve ones luck favoring Old blue boxes and Dead branches instead of meager cheap loot. It prides itself on being the shiniest and most radiant poring of all. Any adventurers that seeks it's treasure are in for a big surprise. IGN: Astrodynamics Entry #2 for the lolz Name: Gramporing Color: Drops with backpack..with beard..and glasses Drops: Eden Merit Badges(6945) Speed Potion Box(13995) Party Blessing Scroll(14588) Party Increase Agility Scroll(14589) 25 White potion box(20977) Backstory: When Gramps was a young boy he was often bullied by this Poring. Gramporing usually snuck into gramps's home and stole a few trinkets. Gramps eventually got so annoyed that he decided to start a group. A hidden group called Eden. IGN: Astrodynamics Entry#3 Name: Doppelring Color: Poring with Doppelhair. Always has a spawn of itself which does not drop anything nor give experience if the spawn is killed Doppelring teleports. Doppelring has 5 hp more than it's spawn. Varied Drops chances are lesser for more expensive stuff: Essence of Alchemist(20209) Essence of Assassin(20217) Essence of Bard(20210) Essence of Blacksmith(20203) Essence of Crusader(20205) Essence of Dancer(20211) Essence of Gunslinger(20213) Essence of Hunter(20204) Essence of Knight(20200) Essence of Monk(20206) Essence of Ninja(20204) Essence of Priest(20201) Essence of Rogue(20208) Essence of Sage(20207) Essence of Soul Linker(20216) Essence of Super Novice(20212) Essence of Wizard(20202) Backstory: An enigma. This poring was an outcast in the poring community because of it's nature to steal essences of individuals who go near it. Spiteful for bieng an outcast, Doppelring enslaved a poring to be it's friend or soul feed to be with him forever. Whenever he finishes absorbing a poring's essence he will move on to another thus starting a cycle of slavery. IGN: Astrodynamics Entry#4 the I know it wont be implemented but its nice to dream type. Name: Guardian or Unporing Color: Gray should be monochromatic with red aura. Opposite of rainbowring. Note: This poring is passive. But it attacks and it will hit hard. It's plant based has 7777 hp. It attacks with soulbreaker and meteor assault. It disappears every 15mins or transfer to a different map. Drops: Very low chance of Dagger of Edda Plans(20533) 100 percent chance of dropping Jellopy(909) Backstory: The Guardian of the yawning void, Ginnunggap, it traveled to Midgard to stop an incoming threat. It has a backup plan to go back to Ginnunggap if everything fails. IGN: Astrodynamics
  3. I get what you mean there. I just thought a global participation event should have a global reward. So if players high end or not would participate it will be beneficial for the whole server. But then again it will leave the under-geared players to be lazy and leaving it all up to the high end players to deal damage. That's why I suggested some low quality but useful loots like a bunch of eluniums, the level 60 field manuals, or even bronze coins so that the newbies would benefit from it as well. The monster/damage soaker does not need to dish out huge amounts of damage all it has to do is to survive the players. But yeah i get what you mean it will be hard to balance this out and it will be better for the GMs to put their time and energy to some things more useful. lol
  4. i have a + 4 double berserk drake tome of ymir and i would like to traide it to a different sqi preferably a djinn or a shuriken
  5. I just had this thought. Can we have a global participation Monster kill event? The main thought is, there would be a monster with a huuuuuge hp pool liike a whole server killing it hp pool and if the server sustained X amount of damage we will get various rewards. It can even damage players but players have to survive damaging it of course or it can spawn mobs that drop refining items or ygg berries or stuff that doesn't break the economy mostly useful stuff (ahem field manuals field manuals) If lag is an issue. We can make 5 instances of said monster instead of everyone mobbing it in one instance. Like, giant turtle's leg, giant turtle's right arm, hell it may not even be a monster it can be just a seal or an Emperium. The thought came up to me thinking that it would help blossoming guilds who can't do end game stuff yet something to look forward too and something to catch up. The rewards should not be material or if they are they should not affect the economy that much. I suggest. If we deal sufficient damage to the monster the exp rate will go higher to a maximum of x9. That's a good reward isn't it? that would make people participate right? I also suggest the event to happen on a fixed date and rarely maybe once a month where it is announced prior to happening. It may not happen It may even be a bad idea but hey it's just a suggestion don't kill me
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