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  1. Hey Jean, is the Tome still for sale, and what would be your lowest price?
  2. Do you know if the HP leech from pets like Succubus pet (Enable a 5% chance of gaining 5% of the damage inflicted on an enemy as HP with each attack) stack with Sniper cards in the same fashion? For instance would 1 sniper card + a loyal succubus pet give you a 15% chance of gaining 25% of the damage inflicted on an enemy as HP with each attack, or do they work independently from each other.
  3. Hey, I like to address some 'issues' with the Whack-A-Ghostring game. When you are playing with people that understand the rules of the game (not to whack the bad ghosts) you often find only 'bad ghosts' left after like 30 seconds. At this points often nobody has even reached the minimum amount of 35 points in order to win. The only way to continue is by whacking the bad ghosts and thus resetting your score to 0, essentially taking yourself out of the game (since there is only a limited amount of points until you arrive at the next stalemate, and at this point you are too far behind to catch up). So usually nobody will whack those bad ghosts, realistically ending the game in the first 30 seconds often without a winner. The only way to keep the game going is to get a second char to click all the bad ghosts, but I don't even know if that's allowed. I think this 'problem' could be fixed by letting (bad) ghosts dissapear after a certain amount of time has past (for instance 10 seconds). PS Nice work on The Amazing Ragna Race!
  4. If I remember correctly this is an issue with you homunculus AI (since Iduna), and you'll have to delete it.
  5. Oh nice, what did he give you for it if I may ask
  6. I really like the Ragna race, but I think those horong boosters give too much advantage to the person in front. From front position you can just get every horong boost, and they will be gone for anyway that's close behind you. You can often still win even with getting caught in a couple traps (and the swapping doesn't happen that often). Some things that might help from the top of my head, without knowing anything about how hard it would be to implement: - Increase amount of random scattered traps - Make horong boosters slow you sometimes instead - Make the slows from chests slow the person in front even more compared to the rest compared to what it is now - Make the slows from chests overwrite the speed boosts - Make horong spawn and dissapear 'randomly' so they won't be always available for the front runner Anyway, really cool minigame and event!
  7. So just to be absolutely sure (before I might make a useless weapon), this is still working?
  8. Hello everyone! There have been some changes to how the !expcount and !dropannounce commands work since Iduna, and those changes are quite inconvenient (for me at least). !expcount With the reintroduction of this command, it has been altered so that it doesn't show the experience gain anymore once a character reaches base level 99 as opposed to pre-Iduna. This means that you cannot track your performance as a level 99 leecher yourself anymore, nor keep track of gained experience as well as before. I know you can see someones base level in the party window now (which is amazing), but it can't replace the !expcount command as a leecher's bread and butter. Sure you can still ask the leech (or whatever we call the person being leeched) to keep track, but it's nice if you can do it yourself. And I'm pretty sure this command is (almost) exclusively being used by leechers and leeches. Suggestion: I would love to see the !expcount command changed back to it's pre-Iduna state so that even level 99 players can still track the experience that goes to them and, if it's possible and not too much work, it would be great if it also kept track of job experience gains. !dropannounce As posted before in the Iduna bug section of the forum, !dropannounce no long announces drops for certain items regardless of their drop percentages (special bonbons and chiquita boxes were mentioned, so it might hold for consumables in general?). This feels strange to me since bonbons and Chiquita boxes (and probably way more items that don't show up anymore) are of a significant value that would justify an announcement in my opinion. In my case for example, I lose out on 500k-1m profit per hour simply by missing bonbon drops in Dimensional Gorge since I usually flywing away right after a fight, and waiting for the body sprites to dissapear and get a good look at the items takes simply too much time to be worth it. I try to take a quick peek at the drops before using flywing but miss the bonbon drops most of the time (or see them too late). Suggestion: It would be great if the !dropannounce command would work for all item drops again, as it's purpose (in my opinion) should be to not overlook any valuable drops These 'problems' are obviously no pressing matters with all the effort put into Iduna and perhaps the upcoming SQI revamp, but I would greatly appreciate it if they could get addressed when there time for it. Thanks!
  9. I think it would be nice if the weight of the Megingjard SQI could be lowered. Currently they weight 300 a piece, which can be quite taxing if you are using 2 of them. Especially since many builds with megs can't afford to go max strength, and the +strength bonus from equipment doesn't add any weight capacity.
  10. While upgrading an armor to +7 takes ~10.4 tries on average, upgrading a level 4 weapon to +7 only takes ~5.7 tries (assuming you are using a job lvl 70 WS to do it). The +7 artemis price isn't even that much lower than what it would cost on average to make. And while some overupped armors are very cheap compared to the avg cost of making them (kaho for instance), a multiplication of 5x the base price in general, as well as for this D Vest seems way to low imo. I tend to agree more with Ghaspars view in this case.
  11. Should have gone to Hollgrehenn. Rookie mistake
  12. And there is also a considerable amount of time involved trading the GN since they are so heavy. So even if you could sell them for 3586 zeny each like in this example, it would still be more efficient to break them yourself. In my experience you will earn money about twice as fast breaking GN as opposed to spending that time trading and farming GN, provided you are breaking and farming efficiently and you have a big enough quantity of GN to break. Nice guide btw!
  13. Inotia


  14. Hey. I'm available now, if you are still looking for leech. Just send a pm to "Inotia Paladin" or message me on discord (Sketchy#3123)
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