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  1. With the christmas event coming to an end and having (most likely) opened all of my christmas boxes I thought it might be fun to review and compare the items that these boxes, stockings and marble words rewarded us with. I've kept track of every christmas box that I have opened and here are the results: Total opened christmas boxes: 70 (maybe couple off due to miscounting) Costumes: -Protection Crown Costume -Under Lamp Costume -Dwarf Beard Costume -2x Choco Minihat Costume, even though I already had 1 in my inventory (Account bound, obtainable through vending machine as well) Pets: - Siroma Egg - Freezer Egg (Marble word) - Blue Unicorn Egg (Stocking) Cards: - Garm Card - Bathory Card - Whisper Card Equipment: - 5x Shoes[1] - guard[1] - Phoenix Helm[1] - White Petal - 2x Buckler[1] - 2x Oxygen Mask - 2x Stone Buckler[1] - Wool Scarf[1] - Formal Suit[1] - Santa Hat - Muffler[1] - Diadem of Bruenhild - Usakoring Hat - Sapling Hat - Baby Pacifier Consumables: - 2x OPB - 5x Handmade Chocolate - Giant Burrito - 6x Yggdrasil Seed - 4x Yggdrasil Leaf - 2x Piece of Cake - Special Toast - 3x Yggdrasil Berry - Tristan XII - 2x Christmas Firecracker box - Strawberry Flavoured Rice Ball - Santa's Bag - Ascending Dragon Soup - Royal Family Tea - 2x Old Card Album (1x from Marble word) - 2x Old Orange Box (1x from Stocking and 1x from Marble word) Miscellaneous: - 5x Gold - 3x 3 Carat Diamond - Violet Dyestuffs I also got some random stuff from stockings like 40x blue potions, but I don't remember exactly. I think it's pretty safe to say that I got lucky this event. But we won't know until we compare. Please share here what (notable) items you have obtained through the Christmas event this year.
  2. Inotia

    S> Unusual CHEAP Cards and junks

    Hey, how much do you want for the picky and tarou cards please? Edit: And how much for christmas cookie card?
  3. Inotia

    S> Stuffs [Updated]

    Hello, how much do you want for picky and hornet cards please?
  4. Inotia

    B> Eversong Greaves [LT] 130m

  5. Inotia

    Sleepers / Selling question...

    I'm just trying to say is that profit at sleepers tends to be a bit higher than what a lot of people are telling you in general. And the high gear stuff is just an example to give some fun insight to the max earnings you can get there. And I've never farmed in moscovia, but from what I've read is that you will need a Ceasar sword for it I believe and unless that you go with a very expensive and situation specific 1 shot BB build the profit difference between sleepers and moscovia woudn't be that high. But I must admit I'm not too sure about moscovia profit (seeing 2.7m/h in mainchat from Cespoirs) and now 3m+/hour from you and I think some guide mentioned 3.7m/hour max with the expensive 1 shot build and a pretty empty map. Not trying to steer OP into doing anything either(except for breaking his own GN if he farms at sleepers), just trying to give some extra info.
  6. Inotia

    Sleepers / Selling question...

    I think many people underestimate the profit of sleeper farming though. If I remember correctly about 80% of your income comes from GN and the other items account for the other 20% (with just focussing on picking up GNs). The one time I timed myself breaking GN, I broke down 2100GN in 14 min 30 sec, so you should be able to break down 8k GN /hour easily (with hardly any time to setup if you leave one merc next to the Umbala house). Which means it will take less than 1/14 of the time to farm GN to break it (in the 550 GN/hour example). Since 1 GN yields around 4035 Zeny of worth once broken down you'll then get 550 * (14 / 15) * 4035 * ( 1 / 0.8 ) = 2.589125 m/hour which should be very achievable. At the end with my LK equipped with GEC boots, LKH, Ice pick, Garment [deviling], Armor [sky deleter] and an infinite flywing I was getting 600GN/hour pretty consistently. This can be increased with sleips as well (although I have never tried it). and 600GN/hour will net you around 2.815 m/hour. With sleips you might get 3m/h. I know this gear is a too expensive for the average sleeper farmer, but I'm just trying to show that you can get decent income at sleepers and 500 GN/hour should be easily achievable once you can one shot the sleepers. Also you are only using very universal gear for sleepers in contrast to moscovia where you need more specific gears. Although the infinite flywing helps a lot over regular ones (weight issue) and the teleport accesory (hassle to use which cost time and is annoying). PS: Don't sell your hypnotist staffs to NPC (like I did when i started there), since they can fetch around 50k each from players. And yes, breaking down GN can be somewhat boring, but I never minded doing it since it's so fast anyway and a little break from sleeper farming. It's also nice that you can do it on your own time instead of being reliant on other players to buy your GN.
  7. Inotia

    Sleepers / Selling question...

    Always break down your GN yourself. Taking into consideration the time to sell them to other players (which is considerable since they weight a ton), you typically make money twice as fast by breaking GN (instead of selling them to other players for 3600 zeny each) as by farming GN, based on the following assumptions: -You're a efficient GN breaker -You're farming around 500-550 GN per hour -Break down big enough quantites of GN at a time (like 3k+) Since it might take some time to figure out how to be an efficient GN breaker, here's how I always did it. -Make a vend shop in front of the GN breaker house selling something for a high price that nobody is selling so you can shopjump towards it without it being bought. For instance I used to vend a novice eggshell head armor (or whatever it's called) for 1m, which I could use !sj 5055 ( copy paste that) to jump to. -Use a merchant class with 99 base strength and lvl 10 enlarge weight limit as your breaker, and save at kafra in payon (so you have a tooldealer in sight when you use butterfly wing). This guy ahs to be on the same account as your GN farmer to use the same kafra storage. -Make sure you dont have to scroll down in your kafra storage to find your GN's (optional, but it does save some time) -Take out 210 GN from kafra storage -> use the shopjump command to jump to the GN breakers front door in Umbala -> break all 210 GN down (use left hand for enter and arrow down keys, and switch with right hand between mouse and numb pad) -> use a butterfly wing back to payon -> Sell the green lives to the tooldealer -> Repeat PS: Maybe it's possible to make it a tiny bit faster with using your cart, but I doubt it. It will certainly be much more annoying if you use the cart as well though. Furthermore GN breaking speed may be slower/faster depending on your connection, since a faster connection means you can go through the conversations with GN breaker faster. You don't need a really fast connection to make money twice as fast as by farming GN. Enjoy!