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  1. Avar

    B> Great Natures @ 3.5k

    Hello, I buy all your Great Natures! Any amount.. 3.5k Each. Leave mail -> White Smith Avar --- or ---- Message here with IGN or DM. Thanks!
  2. HI, For that to work. Don't run RO on fullscreen. Removing fullscreen on the settings should fix this problem, allowing you to open multiple clients.
  3. chekea estos imajenes http://www.roguides.co.in/2010/06/how-to-remove-personal-message-pm.html
  4. You are right, however a simple party invite will solve this...
  5. Oh, you mean like shops? (When selling item just double-click)
  6. Kafra is very easy to use actually. Lol Just type in the search bar what item you want to locate, trust me my inventory is 700/700
  7. Avar

    Character Skin Dye

    Ah, I see... Thank you!
  8. Avar

    Character Skin Dye

    Hmm, so now that we are getting a client... will it support this idea?
  9. Hello everyone. I got a question... Is there a limit on the amount of Merit Badges one can obtain within a week? Or a daily cap? Is it unlimited? (Aka doing gramps non-stop with different characters for maximum profit). Thanks!
  10. Maybe a stat saver will be available.
  11. Avar

    Character Skin Dye

    Hello, I was wondering if we can get skin dyes? Like brown / black / blue and other colors. Thanks!
  12. Over pricing is getting ridiculous.... How can it be that Glove with Sting Card is way cheaper than a Glove [1]... How sad. Gloves [1] are 5m max 6. This is just an example... so many more.
  13. SQI List: 3 x Brooch[1] 4 x Glove[1] Will update as I get them. **Update: Removed Ring [1]. **Update: Removed Rosary [1] and Earring [1]. Changed value of Necklace [1] to 2x. **Update: Removed Necklace [1]. **Update: Changed value of Brooch [1] to 3x. IGN: Avar Mail me or PM me im usually online from 6 PM till around 11 PM (USA - Eastern Time) Thanks.
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