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  1. Avar


  2. You are right, however a simple party invite will solve this...
  3. Avar

    Character Skin Dye

    Ah, I see... Thank you!
  4. Avar

    Character Skin Dye

    Hmm, so now that we are getting a client... will it support this idea?
  5. Avar

    Character Skin Dye

    Hello, I was wondering if we can get skin dyes? Like brown / black / blue and other colors. Thanks!
  6. Avar

    Stat Saver

    How do we save the stats? Is this available now?? Instructions??
  7. I have a question.. are SQI items available from a Trick or Treat Box?
  8. Avar

    Stat Saver

    When will this happen!! So cool!
  9. Avar

    Build Saver and Tombstone

    The build saver sounds GREAT!
  10. Is there a way to update the client? :P
  11. It sucks that we gotta get different type of daggers just to hotkey. Even when it's not compatible with build... Maybe the GM can make it so that the hotkey reads the Item Name WITH Cards instead of just Item Name.
  12. Hello fellas! :( I have a bit of a dilemma here, yesterday I was swapping around using BM (Battle Mode, uses F1-12 and A-M) and I noticed that items with the same name (Weapon name, without card names added) tend to be swapped at random... For example, let's say I have three Main Gauge's, one with D, TG, PH, PH and the other with IS, IS, TG, TG and lastly one with PH, PH, TG, TG. Let's say I hotkey my Main Gauge with D, TG, PH, PH on Key (Q) and the IS, IS, TG, TG on Key (A). When I click Key (Q) I will be expecting to equip the item I selected, right? Not the case. It will equip Key (A) or any item with "Main Gauge" in its name, regardless of the card or Key Slot the item was in. This makes BM kinda pointless AND frustrating! (IMO)... However, I might be doing something wrong. Maybe there is a setting for this that I am not seeing? Is there any way around this? Any feedback will be nice! Thank you!
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