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  1. Avar

    Character Skin Dye

    Hello, I was wondering if we can get skin dyes? Like brown / black / blue and other colors. Thanks!
  2. Avar

    Item Over Price

    Over pricing is getting ridiculous.... How can it be that Glove with Sting Card is way cheaper than a Glove [1]... How sad. Gloves [1] are 5m max 6. This is just an example... so many more.
  3. Avar

    B> SQI Ingredients in bulk

    SQI List: 3 x Brooch[1] 4 x Glove[1] Will update as I get them. **Update: Removed Ring [1]. **Update: Removed Rosary [1] and Earring [1]. Changed value of Necklace [1] to 2x. **Update: Removed Necklace [1]. **Update: Changed value of Brooch [1] to 3x. IGN: Avar Mail me or PM me im usually online from 6 PM till around 11 PM (USA - Eastern Time) Thanks.
  4. Avar

    Thief question

  5. Avar

    TalonRO Palettes

  6. Avar

    Stat Saver

    How do we save the stats? Is this available now?? Instructions??
  7. Not on DB yet. Letting it go for 250M. Reply here or Message me in-game (Mail Box). In-Game Name: Avar Thanks!
  8. Avar

    Halloween | Melodia Haunted Festival

    I have a question.. are SQI items available from a Trick or Treat Box?
  9. Avar

    Nameless quest glitched

    yup im just going to do all the other quests and see what happens in the end... **edit i left in a support ticket for the GM to see like 6 days ago and no response yet. idk why they are taking so long to answer... it sucks cause its preventing me from continuing the game!
  10. Avar

    Nameless quest glitched

    I've done the quest... :( I can even go in the Rsanc dungeon.. its just glitched i think.
  11. Avar

    Nameless quest glitched

    Hello, it seems my nameless quest is glitched... I have followed every step on TalonRO Wiki... Can't get through the "Lost Child Quest" it's strange, when I open the quest log it tells me to talk to Priest Zhed and when I do talk to him he says "I need to rest".. Even though I have the OPB.. I think I need a GM to reset my quests. (All from nameless quest).
  12. Avar

    TalonRO Palettes

    This is great. Saves time. Thanks
  13. Avar

    Sleepers / Selling question...

    ahh, i see. yeah i noticed i make almost the same amount of zeny in sleepers when i go to nifl. ( i have a high priest as well xD). so i tend to alternate at times when i get bored of seeing the same map -.-. what next map do u guys recommend? i have decent weapons and got close to 70m saved, so i should be able to gear a char up for a new map (or buy TC and unslot etc.) **edit so mavkas should be next map in term of gears? ive read online that mavkas can be done with sinx same as with stalker. so i think that map will be good and thanks to the exp rates we had last weekend my chars are lvl 99 woot xD exactly what i do on both sleepers AND nifl! xD sorry for this double-post fellas wasnt able to quote on my edit post above!
  14. Avar

    Sleepers / Selling question...

    Damn, that merchent idea isnt that bad at all lol.... saves time warping / walking. I will keep that in mind, because at times people low ball the great natures... so in those times i will alternate to breaking them down haha thanks!