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  1. Looks like it's trying to load another data file. Download the full TalonRO installer and place it on a brand new folder. (Do not mix with other RO clients). That should work.
  2. Change your DNS address... Also, are you using WIFI or is your PC connected direct to a Ethernet cord? I might have a solution for you if you are connected via WIFI.
  3. Avar

    Slim Pots in PvP

    Unrestricted for a reason? Hm, ok then why not allow the Elemental converters then? Seems kinda bias.
  4. Avar


  5. Hello, I am not sure if it's too late to answer this question, maybe you have already solved it. But, that seems to be a issue with TalonRO being inside a already existing folder with another server. The TalonRO Patch is trying to read the other ones you have in the folder causing it to fail. To fix this, try installing the Full Installer and create a brand new destination folder (Name it something like TalonRO). Once the download is complete, run the patch and let it do its updates/get the grfs. Then run the client. This should fix your problem not being able to connect to the server. Hope this helps.
  6. Avar

    PvP Event!

    Should be visible now. Forgot to clear the formatting. Thanks!
  7. Hello everyone!! I am happy to announce that on April 13 (1300 Server Time), I will be hosting a PvP Event with the help of GM Haru, Mikzie and Amor!! Sign up now! Leave your character name and class below! Warps will be open on the date listed above, make sure to get all your PvP Gear ready! GM Mikzie will be hosting a stream for spectators! The event will be Elimination-Style PvP. Event Information: - Best of 3 rounds per tier. - Players will be randomly selected per tier. - In case of disconnections, the player will be moved back to a later round and the players after him will be moved up. - Winners of each tier will move to the Winners' Circle. Rules: - No health consumables (SP Items are OK). - No pre-buffs - MvP Items are allowed. - All skills allowed. - Cloaking for more than a minute is not allowed. (You will lose that round). Prizes: - Everyone who reaches the semi-finals will win 1 Talon Coin and a PvP Pack. - Everyone who reaches the final round will win 2 Talon Coins and a PvP Pack. - The winner of the final round will win 5 Talon Coins, 100 Glory Coins, 200 Eden Badges and a PvP Pack. Id, like to give a special thanks to GM Haru, Mikzie and Amor for making this possible as well for those who are joining this event! Thanks!
  8. I've seen these before (on rAthena... Nice to see you here on TalonRO... Welcome! **Edit Maybe in future TalonRO might add some of those as costumes..
  9. Avar

    B> Great Natures @ 3.5k

    Hello, I buy all your Great Natures! Any amount.. 3.5k Each. Leave mail -> White Smith Avar --- or ---- Message here with IGN or DM. Thanks!
  10. HI, For that to work. Don't run RO on fullscreen. Removing fullscreen on the settings should fix this problem, allowing you to open multiple clients.
  11. chekea estos imajenes http://www.roguides.co.in/2010/06/how-to-remove-personal-message-pm.html
  12. You are right, however a simple party invite will solve this...
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