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  1. Looks like it's trying to load another data file. Download the full TalonRO installer and place it on a brand new folder. (Do not mix with other RO clients). That should work.
  2. Change your DNS address... Also, are you using WIFI or is your PC connected direct to a Ethernet cord? I might have a solution for you if you are connected via WIFI.
  3. Avar

    Slim Pots in PvP

    Unrestricted for a reason? Hm, ok then why not allow the Elemental converters then? Seems kinda bias.
  4. Avar


  5. You are right, however a simple party invite will solve this...
  6. Avar

    Character Skin Dye

    Ah, I see... Thank you!
  7. Avar

    Character Skin Dye

    Hmm, so now that we are getting a client... will it support this idea?
  8. Avar

    Character Skin Dye

    Hello, I was wondering if we can get skin dyes? Like brown / black / blue and other colors. Thanks!
  9. Avar

    Stat Saver

    How do we save the stats? Is this available now?? Instructions??
  10. I have a question.. are SQI items available from a Trick or Treat Box?
  11. Avar

    Stat Saver

    When will this happen!! So cool!
  12. Avar

    Build Saver and Tombstone

    The build saver sounds GREAT!
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