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  1. T>Elven ears [Gryphon] agi+1 to Ifrit Eyes [Gryphon] agi+1 pm me in game: Merici or Leave offer here.
  2. Benj47391

    B> Boys Cap Kaho

    Buying Boys cap kaho or Helm of angel kaho. pm me in game or leave mail. Thanks.
  3. Selling my +7 Hasty Tidal for 20Mil or Trade to Gryphon Elven agi +1. Leave ign or pm me Merici or Merici Vendo Machine Thanks.
  4. Buying OVH Kaho for 59Mil. Leave mail in game. Merici or Merici Vendo Machine. Thanks.
  5. Whats your in game name? Pm me Merici or Merici Vendo Machine.
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