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  1. yandrei

    B> romantic gent and other captain quest item.

    Closed already done with the quest.
  2. yandrei

    S> angel of ghost and other chiqita's

    selling angel of ghost offer price. hexagonal glasses. patron of sea god. censored bar.
  3. like the tittle says buying romantic gent, evil horn 20ea ( or antlers) and scarlet dyestuff.
  4. yandrei

    Auto Blitz, confusion, advice

    no, i mean they are doing 1k per arrow. i forgot about their blitz dmg as lots of dmg mix in the fray but its its clearly they are doing 1k per dmg per arrow. but wow im suprise there can even get as high as 4k. what card do they mostly use on artemist bow?
  5. yandrei

    Auto Blitz, confusion, advice

    thanks, i kinda wish they put it the base stat then add plus to make things clear, i was looking for blitzer guide, saw blitzer sniper on odin temple shooting 1k per shoot at max aspd. i was wondering how they manage to achieve that feat.
  6. yandrei

    Auto Blitz, confusion, advice

    excuse me, in new to this server. how to get both 70 agi and 100 dex while having 60 int and 50 luk?
  7. is this working as intended?, why i cant see ayothaya dungeon 1 minimap on top right of my screen?
  8. just like the tittle says i upgraded tier 1 eden instead of tier 2, is there a way to retake/redo the quest?