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  1. I've been asking for some opinions from different players throughout TalonRO and found that they like more a team-based PvP. So, I will be hosting 3 vs 3 PvP tournament soon... Stay tuned! THE SKY MITE FALL BUT I AINT WORRIED AT ALL - Kid Cudi just gotta keep pushing bro, my dream is to see pvp active once again... so i will chase this dream till the end! TBE SINX
  2. Damn son, this did't happen no one register One day! I have hope!
  3. Hello TalonRO Peepz! I will be hosting a PvP Tournament Best-of-Class on 2-16-19 at 12:00 PM (Eastern Time). Location: Private PvP Room (Spectators welcome) About the tournament: First we will have each class will play 1 v 1 until we have one who beats all from the same class. The winner will be Best-of-Class. This will happen for all the classes. Once we have a Best-of-Class player for each class, there will be a final elimination round* for those who are Best-of-Class! The winner of this will be the PvP Champion. *The final round depends on the classes we will have available at the time of the tournament (To be fair with other classes). Rules: - No health consumables (cwp, cakes, etc.) - No pre-buffs. - MVP Items are allowed (Sorry vanilla players!) Prizes: 1) Each Best-of-Class champion will receive 5 TC. 2) The PvP Champion will receive 20 TC and a Very Rare Costume. Lets make this happen people! Leave IGN and class here for participation. **Note: If a GM can help me out with this (PvP Map) to avoid spectators from attacking each other will be nice! If not its all good we can use a !duel map...
  4. Testing mode sounds great! Maybe the price can be like 1 TC for 1 hour of testing and must require 2 people in same party (including yourself). **Edit. Oh yeah, and auto resurrection upon death! (So you don't get warped out).
  5. Scopefield

    Stat Saver

    Hello fellas! So after playing for some years, I just thought of an idea! Why don't we make a stat saver in Prontera? That way people can save their builds and not have to reset their stats every time they want to switch builds. Let's say you have both PVP and PVE gear on your character and you are bored of PVP or there is a Tam Tam event going on or maybe some of your friends are doing a quest and want you to participate, you will want to switch to a PVE build. With the stat saver you can just change the stat you have stored for PVE and swap gears. That's it! Also, the storing of items in kafra is super time consuming and if you forget to have your weight below 2,500 then you gotta walk out of shop (loading screen) and then open kafra and store the items then walk back in (another loading screen!) to reset stats. It's a mission. I was thinking something like 2-3 slots for stats (you may only save 2-3 stats per character). Every time a player changes the stats it will be more costy than the normal price for a reset. I have brought this idea up to many players in game and they tell me that sounds amazing or like a dream come true. Some have even told me it's impossible! I tell them "here in TalonRO impossible is NOTHING! /gg" Anyway, that's my idea. I don't know if this has ever been brought up... I'd like to hear your thoughts too! Thanks for reading!
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