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  1. Hey. It's been a while. Got overwhelmed by life for a bit. But now when stuff starts to calm down I'll be more active. For starters here's a commission I did for @Squawk. I had lot's of fun working on this piece. Thanks for that
  2. @Kisuka* hey, thank you I really appreciate kind words ;3. As for commissions. I'm planning to open them in the future. Simply need to find time to think about how to apporach it. Ffor now you can shoot me a PM and we can figure something out.
  3. Little Stella was polite enough to let me butcher her character. Thanks!
  4. S> Drooping Dark Snake Lord Costume //PM offer
  5. jestesmy w rachel. wpadaj smialo, zapraszamy
  6. Phew it's been a while. But sudden extra work happened, also christmas around the corner ;v. but i managed to finish this pair. still experimenting with style, that's why all of theese look so inconsistent ;/
  7. Duuude. Great guide! Thank you for this
  8. Well I'm new to the server and maybe I don't have much of a saying, since I'm still in 'early mid game' so to speak. Also probably I'll just repeat stuff that people before me said but just felt the need to and my 2cents. Personally for me RO was always about two things. Party runs and woe/pvp competition. If you're a player not interested in woe and you have all characters maxed out, then not counting events and high profile runs, there's not much more that game can provide. In this case I understand this perfectly why so many people sit around and uses RO like a messenger. Personally I don't think introducing more powerful items that old players can compete for is the way to go. It sparks so many balancing issues. In my opinion it has to be something that encourages competition, requires constant tactics change and reward is something that all players strive for. I remember back in 2008-2010 when I was playing RO I participated in WOE for two reasons. For me it was fun party event, but foremost it was all about reading on the forums that I cheat. Cuz it meant I played really well (not that it ever happened, lol ). My point is, that the reward doesn't have to be item or costume in the game. Every type of player has different motivations. That you can appeal to. But yeah. Engaging old players to become more active in game they play for years is extremely difficult task. It's doable but the question is how. Which brings me to another point. I understand that when you play one game for a number of years, you did it all. You also made connections and friends. You invested so much time in lvling and gearing your characters that it's hard to let go. There's also nostalgia that keeps you going back once you decide to quit. But despite all of this there's simply not many more that you can do. Server needs a steady flow of new players, that eventually will replace old ones. As they grow bored and quit. And sadly there's not that many new RO players. Server needs to attract emaining old RO players, that are scattered across different servers. But this is completely different beast and deserve it's own discussion. But yeah. Just my thoughts and sorry for broken English. I hope it didn't confuse you to much
  9. You should definitely continue. I love the colors
  10. You have really light and fun style, I love it. Moar
  11. @fumiddition Thank you. For the warm welcome and kind words. I really appreciate that you like my stuff. Here's something that I started and wanting to finish before I jump into drawing people's characters. And yeah, I struggled with those a little bit. I'm not sure how to achieve this 'clean animu look', yet. Also short disclaimer. I got the idea for character presentation after seeing art that this Weckl guy posted over on Discord. Not sure if he's here on the forumz. But yeah, you should check this guy out. He knows his stuff.
  12. Yes! Those are awesome, Gonna be following this thread for sure ;D Also stalked you on instagram ;o
  13. I bet that I share really similar story than most people here in art corner. I use to play RO back in 2006-2010, then I quit, got struck by nostalgia after 8 years and here I am. And I must say it feels good. So far I'm really enjoying this server and I hople to stay for longer. So why I started this thread. Well. I'm doing art for a living and lately I felt a little bit stagnate with my work. And I guess the style of this game and it's creative freedome got me really inspired. So I decided to experiment with more anime/manga style and share with you how I fail in the process. For this first post I took the liberty to show you a little of what I've been doing up until now. And since I don't have any Ragnarok related art yet, I'll post stuff that can feel a little bit random. Hope that's ok. So without further ado here's some of my work. Most of them are personal stuff that i do afterhours for fun. In the future I hope to populate this thread with Ragnarok related stuff. In order to keep myself a steady flow of inspiration I'm gonna be drawing random characters roaming around Prontera. Once I'm done with couple random drawings that I allready started that is. So yeah. I hope you gonna like them. Oh, btw my IGN is Kiyaa. So if you have anything in mind or just wanna tell me my English sucks, feel free to shoot me a message or leave a comment here. Have fun!
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