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  1. @IceDryst i've got overwhelmed with work and life at the moment. will be back around november. i hope Thanks for asking
  2. People will always complain. Personally, I'm really happy that server is moving forward and has dedicated team of GMs that sacrifice their sleep and family time so we can enjoy playing our nostalgia game together. And even though there are things that I dislike (rip snap asura :(). Overall I’m pretty content with all this Iduna thing. So that being said. Thank you GMs for your hard work.
  3. @Cassidy Thanks! Shoot me a PM here or on discord (ramalooke#4085) for details and I'll put you on the waiting list. Might take a while though. I have pretty big commissions that I need to finish first ;3
  4. Thank you for all really nice comments. Love ya'll ❤️ And here's a finished commision for Zen. Not sure how to tag you. Since I don't know you're forum name. Sorry about that. But yeah. It was fun, but difficult. Painting shiny metal is no joke
  5. Whohoho. That're some dope images you have here. Gib moar
  6. ThisIsKinyo

    Art Dump

    Wao. Those are some those are really expressive characters! Great stuff!
  7. I'm a simple man. I see cute chibi characters I click like.
  8. Hey @IceDryst thank you so much! For how long i spent on my paintings. It really depends. Anything between 5 to 40 hours
  9. I'm a big fan of those little stories! You're really good artist with great sense of humor ❤️
  10. those are really nice pencils. keep them coming
  11. oooh. I love your style! it's so fresh and feminine. I'm a fan!
  12. Oh nice. I really like how flowy are your lines. There's really good energy in those sketches. Me like much yes
  13. Long time no post. Been busy with life and shiet. Did a commission for beautiful @Plasmapheresis I'm currently open for commissions. So if you want me to draw you an image. Shoot me a PM
  14. @Amissapanda thank you for kind words! i'm really happy that you like my ! here's a commission that i did for @Kisuka*. it was real pleasure to work on this one. also super fun. thanks! Oh and i'd like to mention that i'm open for commissions. So if you want me to draw something for you. Just shoot me a message and we'll figure it out. Best!
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