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  1. That's sad for me. 1. Limited time play to join WOE. 2. There are not many guilds are recruiting new members. been asking around, it is either recruiting base on nationality or inactive guild. 3. The delay and lag. no wonder i saw a garment selling 200m =( ANyway, thanks for replying me @PrideFries @kolela
  2. Hi all, Can anyone please tell me, how to get into guild dungeon map, such as arug_dun01, gld_dun03 Do i need to be guild member to get in?? i saw some posts on other webs said you don't really have to be in the guild as long as you pay the NPC. any body confirm?
  3. thanks for the reply. i will try it again. but i really did not play any bingo before, and im the only one who is playing Talon Ro. so i wonder why i can not join Bingo at all. hoping any GM can help me out here,,
  4. Thank You! i think it maybe the one! Shaman Cargalache The link it said the quest can be repeated, the party leader needs speak with Dimensional Gorge Piece (gef_fild10 242, 202) to "Reserve the Orc's Memory" i should look for it in the future
  5. EricWong

    2018 Chinese Guild

    Im from HongKong, any asian player still active?
  6. im from HongKong. Any Asian still playing?
  7. Hi all, I've tried to enter Bingo yesterday and somehow the npc said im not allowed to apply due to something multiple IP registered or sth..? has anyone experienced it before ?? It is my first time to join Bingo, never played before. not sure and not remember that if i did use other characters to apply before or not, do you need to stick with the same character to join Bingo? I used different computers to login in my account and play Talon, but all under the same account. Is this the reason the npc said sth about multiple IP address? i asked on !main channel and someone asked me to type !request which i did, then it said request sent. do i need to type the questions after !request ? like " !request I have problem to join Bingo "? please tell me and next time i know better Thanks
  8. Thanks for your reply, it helps! ;D I just want to find a active guild that can see players join 2gether and have fun,
  9. Thank you all for answering May I ask about the no.6 point, The Orc Hero Headdress, ID#5375, where can I get it? is it from event or limited edition only?
  10. Apparently, your guild dont accept people new to discord so.. thx for reply anyway
  11. Hi all, Im new to the server and looking for an active guild that could take me in. Been leaving few msgs around but seems not available. Could any guild leave a msg or contact here? Much appreciated.
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