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    Infinite Fly Wing

    Hi GM's, Can we make the Infinite Fly wing Kafra storable once opened, so the rest of the characters on the account can also use it. Collecting the eden badge is a bit hard given that only 750 eden badge can be collected per forum account and the infinite fly wing cost is 175. I hope this can be implemented. Thanks Octavia_ 😆🤗🤩
  2. Hi GM's! Can you make Infinite Fly Wing be storable in Kafra storage once opened. So we can maximized the use of the flywing to other character on the same account, not only on the character that opens the box.
  3. Hi guys, Me and my brother is playing TALONRO just recently, I regularly vote to have a Talon coins and exchanged for an item, but my brother just started voting like 2 days ago. Every time he votes under his own account, my votes goes "cool down" too (vise versa). Is there a way to fix it? Thanks in advance.
  4. How can I proceed with quest. He just give me "What could this possibly mean?.. The Sand, the Claw and the fang.." Please help
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