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  1. I just created a guild and added all my alts to it with guild access. Sure the timeout sucks but overall its been great for gear swapping. Not idea, would totally love a communal storage but just something to think about.
  2. What kinda 2 handed spear ^^ maybe I have it just laying around.
  3. Can we add in a character position changer in the Control Panel? So the character would be moved to a different slot/page when logging in? Was also wondering if characters could be moved between accounts registered to the same Master Account... AKA my 98 Smith that's unfortunately also on my High Priest Account lol... Rip leeching my laziness... I believe the limit is 10 accounts per master account 1 master account per person. So for buff slaving and such positioning of them is extremely important. I believe a large benefit to this would be allowing new players not to get caught up in it and be able to fix it later. And veteran players to fix what they've messed up in the past. I know I've seen this implemented before so I know its possible. I also know I can't say where : ) rules are rules.
  4. Thats actually a very good point, the armor section in general is very undesirable for the most part. I feel the system was to help bridge the gap between fully geared, and no gear players. Though it appears that eden does a lot better of a job doing that now, the Rental armor in general doesn't seem to do that very well. Or maybe the system was to implement battlegrounds gears? Not really sure anymore its been a while. Though as a geared player, I wouldn't be against buffing the rental armor a bit to help people out.
  5. Yup I figured that would be along the lines of your answer. Maybe there is a way to do this but with current resources already in the game... Or really items are just a call to the database.. so realistically this could be done entirely from the control panel. The codes already there that looks up all items on your account, now we're just talking about an update statement and a log file that keeps track of it. Though not really sure how you'd lock that item down so the user doesn't say sell it, and then magically an update runs placing it back on the previous account... Essentially duping at that point. A shame really, I honestly feel this would be a huge benefit to the server. Would be cool ^^ Alright, no means no, to impossible. Thanks for humoring me @GM Boreas 😉
  6. Yup so maybe this would work then. https://github.com/eathena/eathena (not actually sure external links are okay...) At work atm, but I'll take a look when I get home tonight : )
  7. I'm almost 100% sure the answer is no, but I have to ask... Any chance I could take a look at a branch of the code myself? I've got a lot of free time this week and according to a few forums I guess the game was written in C which isn't far from my personal experiences.
  8. ViroHeresy


    Oh no I get that, more specifically its when one of the players being leeched tries to attack something they're not geared for and lure it to the party. Can't save them because they attacked it with noks so all I can do is watch in horror as they mob drop the pile. It happens ^^ party of leeching a highly volatile map. It was more of an expansion on understanding !noks, since its by no means a cure all, and it can be harmful in my experiences more often then helpful. Like when an abbey party dies because their priest got spawned on and I have conflicted feelings about ressing the ksing beasts... especially when I can't clear the mobs that killed them for a few seconds while !noks falls off lol if the target that has !noks on dies, shouldn't it immediately fall off? Maybe thats hard to script.
  9. ViroHeresy


    Which doesn't help people mobbing since ownership is based on who the mob is following. Just want to clarify that !noks does not help in all scenarios. For examples just run around abbey 3 for a while when a party is walking around. They ks all the time casting spells WAY in front of them. Also hurts those trying to save the leeching spot and there is a person not geared enough trying to attack it and dealing no damage as a meteor smashes right into the pile of players... Please use !noks responsibly!
  10. I was wondering what everyone thought about possibly implementing a Gear Lending feature? And if the GMs could think of a way to make this happen. There have been so many times where I see a new player who's just starting out and they want to do something awesome and I have the gear to do it, but I don't really know if I can trust handing them gear and not having to open support tickets to get it back (which is a hassle for everyone involved). I tend to have plenty of gear across a few alts, but it doesn't do me much good if I'm the only one controlling those characters. Really limits having the gear when you're up against a problem that requires multiple people. Basically the idea is maybe adding a right click option on players where it gives you the option to lend gear. After a set time (idk default it to 24 hours or something) the gear gets de-equipped and automatically mailed back to the individual that lent it. Gear would need to flag so it cannot be sold, dropped, traded, upgraded, or relent. Character would need to be flagged so it couldn't be deleted while having a lease from it or to it. Maybe an option to "end contract" on the recipients side. I just think a feature like this would allow me to maybe bring someone new MVP hunting. Or lend them the tools to do what they want to do. Like maybe instead of farming up all their gear, they could instead rent some gear and go Farm something they really want to do? This would give players the option to be more explorative with gear and experience before purchasing. Maybe a Star Glad is sick of farming for a day, instead he lends his SG gear out to someone who's always wanted to do an SG leach but didn't have the gear. This doesn't apply to people who are protective about their builds I guess. Though to be honest they're probably not reading the forms anyway and can just choose not to use the feature. I know something like this was implemented in RS3 a while back and it allowed players with not a lot of gear or money to farm some high level stuff with someone elses gear for relatively low money. I personally never played RS3, but the concept was pretty neat to me.
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