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  1. ViroHeresy

    Non-meta HP Niflheim Farming

    You're right @PrideFriesat the very least it would be inconsiderate I'm not so sure its an actual rule though. The unspoken law of Niff mobbing has always been you mob till you hit another person mobbing or don't see more mobs within a reasonable distance of you, kill what you have then find more. If you never run into anyone its very likely you're the only one on the map. Besides the video that he died on was right next to the Ygg map entrance which means there was definitely no one on the map. If I walked into that I'd of ME'd immediately if I didn't see anyone was agroing them lol It doesn't seem to be as popular of a leveling place anymore, its more of a source of income for Priests and Smiths. More or less the same gear set will let you leech in Abbey 3, which is much faster xp so most would rather go there. I've gone to Niff several times in the last month and at most I've only seen 2 other priests there, one being the poster above, and his mobbing wasn't causing any problems for me. I could see it being an issue in GHP though, everything moves so slow you could easily round up all the spawns and dead lock the map and there are a lot of other players there. Honestly with mobs that high you could just mob jack them, aka follow behind their mob. They wont be able to keep the entire mob without either killing themselves or taking 5x longer to keep what they have and add to it. Its an unintended use of the KS rules, since if its following you its yours. Though honestly I feel most people don't seem to care to read the KSing rules especially High wizards on just about every map. I'm not advocating mob jacking, but just saying you could play their game at their level. Plus I don't think walking is a reportable offense. Now trying to Warp Portal them is but would be very satisfying... or ice wall their mob from them that'll force them to either kill what they have or lose most of it. Though I think theres a special place in hell for players who use ice wall.
  2. ViroHeresy

    Same Bank/Storage for all your accounts

    I just created a guild and added all my alts to it with guild access. Sure the timeout sucks but overall its been great for gear swapping. Not idea, would totally love a communal storage but just something to think about.
  3. ViroHeresy

    Where could I farm as a Priest? (Gearless and Non-Trans)

    My first character was a priest, and I did not really hesitate at all to trans and heres why. Anubis TU leveling for even the gearless is really fast. I used an undershirt set and went flee. Sure Sonic blow will one shot you, but silence fixes that quick. Kyre removes the need for eddga too so I find it really effective. Second Job bonus's and stat bonus's. You'll get more job bonus's to dex closing the gap between you and 150 dex which you need to be an ME priest. You're in higher demand. People want High priests and almost gearless you can be a back priest in an ET run which if you have a good guild will split loot/winnings with you. As for farming, I found this a bit difficult as an ME priest early on. Without IC its really not very successful. You can get away with probably 5 dex short of 150 so I farmed with TU instead. Tidal farming- not sure how this fairs anymore, but these used to sell for a lot, so I TU farmed and sold them for a good chunk of change. Abbey 2 has a lot of ragged zombies and you can just drive by them all day long. Tele away from bishop and Necros. Even with gear, I still drive by TU these guys for a 20% chance of killing them on my way to leech on floor 3. Once I got gear, I just focused on +7, I've made 5 so far? Its a nice item to use in my opinion. Anubis drops are not the worst, some will still pay pretty well for a recovery rods. Personally I never sold these because I wanted a +10 one of the few ways to boost up heal aside from straight up tons of int... anubis card is 1m, not the most reliable cash but its something extra. I kept one and sold the rest. Hit 80s trans and read some ET guides and help out. TU Verits for their card. SQI ingredient, sells for a good chunk of change. Vote, Always whenver you can. Even if its every few days, vote anyway. Practically free money. Find parties with people that want to share loot. Used to help mob in Rachel Sanc for a wizard friend and we'd share the loot. I'm curious what others think, but ultimately none of these are very optimal. A nearly gearless assassin could grimtooth more cash in prison than you'll probably see doing any of the above methods. Personally I ended up splitting off and leveling other characters that could farm things I wanted. Like stings, I made an archer, a sage (vertical fire wall ftw!) and got lucky with the drops at about lvl 80ish each. 2x sting cards 2x gloves. I made an assassin and killed movkas for a while, hated it but I did it buff slaving can get you very far here without all the stupid 100m builds people seem to think are a requirement. Honestly chick hat will give you the same dps as a kaho with a katar. Things die decently fast. Now once you have IC you can do lots of things. Sell leeches (Niff, Abbey 3, etc) Farm Geffenia (don't see this often, but you can mob like crazy and just ME them down) Geffen dungeon nightmares. (I dont' think this is very profitable anymore, but it was a fun way to get infiltrators : ) Abbey Farming (wools/tidals/mes) Banshees mob very nicely on floor 1, ragged zombies are everyone but floor 3. Nice bonus along with hellpoodle cards and expert rings. Anywhere there are undead/demons. I wish you the best of luck though! I hope some of this is helpful. I really don't want to be that guy that recommends you play something else to get your gear... but it would definitely be faster. Thats coming from someone who did do this exclusively as a priest and took 20x longer to get there.
  4. ViroHeresy

    About Seal quest

    Honestly just find a nice guild and if they have extra slots they'll take you with. Honestly I've done seals a few times now and have generally no clue whats going on or if I'm helping or hurting even after reading the guide. I just sit in the back and bless people or res people and buff them as I can. Probably sending them to their death but no ones complained yet lol.
  5. ViroHeresy

    Can't locate a headgear in this server.

    I'm not sure if this quest exists on this server? Someone might have to verify this. (I'm at work so I cannot : ) Otherwise most of what you're going to see as far as that hat is actually a reskinned Kaho. Boy's Cap Kaho ID #8020 Exclusive head piece created with stats of Horn of Lord Kaho. STR + 20 , INT + 20 DEX + 20 , MDEF + 20 , DEF + 6
  6. ViroHeresy

    Your first MVP drop on this server

    I miss that island : 3 I haven't been there in a long time! I remember my first kill of a deviling on my assassin back in the day. Was a really exciting moment for me. Or farming for a horong card so I could kill ghostring lol wasted so much time farming the most ineffective way possible.
  7. ViroHeresy

    Knight quest is broken?

    Can you elaborate a little bit? What part about it is actually broken. Whats happening with Amy's quiz?
  8. ViroHeresy

    Non-meta HP Niflheim Farming

    Not sure how budget friendly this build is to be honest. I would imagine most of the cards are not very sought after. I'm not sure if he's willing to share, but you can use the talonro calculator to reverse engineer it. https://calc.talonro.com/ Key notes from the video, AGI Up is autocasting along with various autoproc heals (heal at x lvl always heals for y to my knowledge) based on his hp, I'd guess he has 90+vit and based on his damage, I'd guess deviling card was involved.
  9. ViroHeresy

    +4 wool[Deviling] for your Deviling Card

    Recently upgraded and need the card moved : ) looking to trade. IGN: St.Sanctity
  10. ViroHeresy

    Viro's Shop of Many Things

    Updated list.
  11. Last night I did my first MVP killing spree with a friend and we got a moonlighting card to drop! So i wanted to ask what others success stories are while killing MVPs on this server. What was your first notable MVP drop? Or just proudest MVP moment : )
  12. ViroHeresy

    Christmas | Advent Calendar Giveaway

    What kinda 2 handed spear ^^ maybe I have it just laying around.
  13. ViroHeresy

    Need to skip patching

    I feel I ask this every few years but I can never seem to find the original posts. Basically I have an issue with my work laptop where if it patches it decides to 'save' me and remove the launcher. I know you used to be able to launch into the game directly, is there still a way to do that? Alternatively if others have ways to bypass this security I'd be happy to hear them. Tempted to run it in a sandbox and see if that works. I don't really want to have the conversation with IT of why they should allow this lol though apparently blizzard patchers all work... In 2 months I'll be heading to India for business and I'd like to keep playing during that time too so hopefully we can find a solution : ) PS I can remote home to patch the game and transfer files so updates won't be a problem.
  14. ViroHeresy

    Can i borrow gear from irl friend?

    Sweet ^^ then I'm in the clear. Thanks for clarifying!
  15. ViroHeresy

    Can i borrow gear from irl friend?

    I don't have access to his forum account at all. Just to clarify that. So I can't even log into his character and transfer gear? Specifically I'm looking at this rule. Should you give out your password to anyone, you take full responsibility for their actions with your account, including botting, scamming, item loss, character deletion, or any other rule violation.- General Server Rules Prior to master accounts I had lots of users who passed characters around so I'm a bit confused on this one that it would be an issue now. This rule should probably be updated then to You are not allowed to play/login/use/etc other players characters on a master account that isn't yours. @GM Boreas Can you clarify this for me to make sure we're on the same page?