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  1. Maybe I should add "in this game" in the title I'll call them "cake" from now on, nice idea. I'll save that read after I do the quest, thx! Yes it is LOL. I also put it on my Knight. 😂 Anubis like to stomp my FPS around too, its scary.
  2. First of all, I am pretty new to this game, only playing casually for around 6 months. I started this topic in hope of finding interesting stories from the fellow Talonians, vet and noob alike. Yesterday my friend gave me a headgear called Horror of Morroc Minion? I forget the name, looks like a bloody doll laying upwards. So I thought, what kind of funny monster is this? After asking around apparently the name is Incarnation of Morroc, so I go to Google and shat my self when I see the gif. The things look like straight from silent hill that lost its way until Midgard.
  3. Thx for the answer Kolela!
  4. Hi, I'm new to the server (and actually to the game as well) and have some questions. I've read the general rules that we can change the sprite without affecting the game play, such as item sprite. But: 1. Can I change the equipped headgears sprite into my custom texture (obviously within the same visual cue)? Like re-color or just a better sprite overall. 2. If yes, how can I do that safely technically? I dont want to accidentaly tinkers with other things that can get me banned. 3. Can other players also see the custom texture? I'm perfectly fine if its not. Thx and best regards, Gerrymon
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