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  1. I see TalonPatch.exe running in the task manager under process tab now. But the game is not launching. But i done see the application running in task manager.
  2. This is the screen shot if i use older TalonPatch.exe. When i tried the newly downloaded complete image of Talonro the game was not launching at all...
  3. When i click the TalonPatch.exe it is just not starting. Its not showing up in task manager also as running. My mouse process symbol alone keeps rotating. But the game is not at all loading. If i use the old TalonPatch.exe which i already have, It says it failed to connect the server. I even copied the file talonpatch_120718.zip provided by the GM team. But still the game is not launching
  4. Hello guys After the new patch came in i am unable to connect to the game. Looked through the forums, people told me it could be related to the firewall. Made a firewall entry for TalonRO - still didn't work. Completely disabled Firewall, still not working. Other people said I should try the mini installer - tried it, nothing. A GM posted a link to the newest patcher, downloaded and tried it, still nothing. No ports are not blocked, checked it through a website someone posted here. I even tried creating shortcut for talonexe.exe with C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /C start "" /affinity 2 "C:\TalonRO\talonexe.exe" -1sak1 I even redownloaded the installer through direct download instead of torrent, its the same file but tried anyway - no chance. So, is there anyone who knows a solution? I've tried pretty much everything.. I really want to play because it seems like a fun server. 😕 Thanks in advance. EDIT: Also checked hosts file. Retail RO (fRO) works fine. My operating system is Windows 7 64bit.
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