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    Usually, I'm exceptionally dubious about any sort of quality of life changes. Especially when one considers the impact it had on WoW. However, the change I'm advocating won't effect gameplay, at all. So, seeing how new I still am to both this game and the server. I am working tirelessly to farm zeny on my Priest to then buy equips. Considering the amount of garments one gets in my farm zone. There is a minor change I'd like to propose. When I open storage, I have to click and drag all the items from my inventory, to the storage. This is mildly annoying, and tiresome for my fingers. It gets worse when I log my merchant to do the same thing, but in reverse. After several item dumps from my Priest. Luckily, when selling there is a feature that allows you to double click and the item appears in the vendor's window. This is so much better and less time consuming than click, hold, drag, release. And press enter on the prompt. So I would like to propose this double click feature to work from inventory to storage, and vice versa.
  2. So, I would like to preface this by saying I am a Roleplayer by heart. Immersion is big for me. I'm not too well versed in the lore of this game, so I am not quite as avid a roleplayer as I am on World of Warcraft. With that said, I have recently made a Monk. Given I've never played this game before, I wanted to do all the class quests. Monk get this really cute little map close to Prontera, a map I had never really been, until I had to figure out that I had to go there to become a Monk. The map in question has several target dummies, as is appropriate for Monks, have to keep them skills sharp, right? But the dummies have no purpose or interaction at all. I would love to see those target dummies get the same treatment as the footballs in Eden. As in, you actually get to use them as target dummies. It is an immersive change, and you'll probably be too busy, or conclude it isn't worth it, as I am basically the only Monk hanging out there. But it would be nice ^^
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