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  1. - P r O s p e r 0 -

    SinX veteran

    Thanks Guys, i guess that ice pick is useful in a lot of farming maps
  2. - P r O s p e r 0 -

    SinX veteran

    Thanks, im just trying to farm somewhere else. My main is HW, i love it. But my problem is when farming (weight capacity) Maybe ill just use water armor , i have deviling for garment (will that suffice?) How many Soulbreak before i can kill 1 mavka?
  3. - P r O s p e r 0 -

    SinX veteran

    ANy tips for Mavka Sinx farming? Equips and Stats..
  4. - P r O s p e r 0 -

    PvM | Valkyrie: Brynhildr

    Looking for Party high Wiz here lol "- PrOsper0 -"
  5. - P r O s p e r 0 -

    Wizard farming and leveling ideas

    OMG! I should really read MORE here on forums - the agony I've had on farming using Wiz/High Wiz - This Guide would have helped a lot! But since i got some of the equips i need, made farming a lot easier now. also farming on the same place as shown in the vids. Why use Wiz / Hwiz? - Cause i love playin wiz, its fun for me